Al Scheller Hiking Trail - 12 Miles

The Al Scheller Hiking Trail is a primitive, 12.5-mile foot path which traverses the most rugged and natural areas of Vicksburg National Military Park. Designed as a compass course, it winds through open fields, to the bottoms of steep ravines, into wooded areas, across several stream beds, and exposes the hiker to locations of historical and natural interest.

The trail presents a formidable challenge to the most experienced hikers and offers a unique learning experience for scouts desiring to improve their hiking and orienteering skills. The hardy individuals who complete this trek will have a much better understanding and appreciation of the conditions which confronted the Union and Confederate armies engaged during the campaign, siege, and defense of Vicksburg in 1863.

Please Be Prepared! Before arriving at the park, always call for information on current trail and weather conditions. Check in with park staff at the Visitor Center to provide emergency contact information. It is important to carry the proper equipment, including a map, compass, adequate water supply, first aid kit, rain gear, and protective clothing, especially good hiking boots.

Be advised that severe weather, flash flooding, erosion, windfalls, biting insects, poison ivy, poisonous snakes, and other environmental hazards are common. Sections of the trail may be closed without notice for safety reasons.

Avoid hiking during periods of high heat and humidity. DO NOT use the trail during wet or rainy conditions. Anticipate potential danger such as steep and slippery surfaces. Study the map before beginning the hike. Remember -the trail is primitive. It does not contain any modern bridges or ramps, and few water bars. The creeks and streams at the bottom of ravines are prone to flash flooding and can harbor swiftly moving water. These areas are very unpredictable and may contain underwater hazards.

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