Educator's Guide: The Arts: Political Cartoon Answer Key

1) This cartoon was drawn as a pro-McClellan for President. McClellan is shown as the " Great Healer" . Captions read: Lincoln: "No peace without Abolition! , Davis: " No peace without Separation!, McClellan: The Union must be preserved at all hazards!". Why was McClellan bid for the Presidency a failure? What was the public perception of McClellan at this time?

2) This cartoon appeared in the fall of 1862. It ridicules Lincoln' his cabinet and his military commanders. It was drawn by a Copperheads The Copperheads were a group of Northern Democrats who opposed the war policy and favored a negotiated peace. This cartoon attempts to persuade Northern voters in the Congressional Elections of 1862 by highlighting the failures on the war front. Notice one of the failures is Admiral Farragut's withdrawal from Vicksburg.

3) A Confederate view of the Emancipation Proclamation. The cartoon shows Lincoln "selling the nation to the devil. The cartoonist is trying to evoke a sense of dread. Lincoln's foot is trampling the U.S. Constitution. The two drawings on the wall show John Brown as a Saint" and the slave

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