Educator's Guide: Social Studies: Who's Who?


The Civil War touched the lives of millions of people. Some of those people were more than witnesses to the event, they were drawn into the maelstrom Their personal strengths and weakness affected their decisions while in battle. In some cases a strength became a weakness an' a perceived weakness a strength.


Using the Who's Who activity sheets, introduce your students to the personalities of the Vicksburg Campaign. Older students can research, analyze and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the military leaders involved in the Vicksburg Campaign. Which leaders were the most flexible, most cautious? Who was the risk taker, the calculator? They must be able to defend their answers and analyze which type of leader had the most influence.

Classroom Activities:

  • Social Studies


  • 4- 12


Students will identify the I people who shaped the Vicksburg Campaign. Older students will analyze the contribution of the military leaders to the outcome of the campaign

Materials: Who's who activity sheets (Questions, Matching), pen/pencil, scissors, glue, research materials for older students.

Last updated: April 14, 2015

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