Educator's Guide: Social Studies: Name That State


The Civil War, during the summer of 1863, involved people from thirty five states; twenty eight of these states had troops at Vicksburg. Their lives before, during and after the War are a part of our history. Not all survived the Siege of Vicksburg, yet their story is represented by the tales still told about the battle. For many, their names have been lost to time, but their home states chose to build lasting memorials to honor them.


Make copies of the Name That State activity sheets. Younger students can color the Union, Confederate and Border States. Read the questions to the younger students, pointing out the state which the question represents. Older students can answer the questions on their own.

Classroom Activities:

  • Social Studies


  • 3- 12


To introduce the geographical features of our country during the Civil War and how people from all walks of life served at Vicksburg.


Name That State Activity Sheets, pen or pencils.

Last updated: April 14, 2015

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