Educator's Guide: Social Studies: Name That State Activity Sheet

1. Major General Cadwallader C. Washburn, from Livermore ______________ commanded the Yazoo Pass Expedition during the Vicksburg Campaign and later organized Washburn, Crosby, and Company (now General Mills).

2. Judge James Shirley, who owned the dwelling that would become known as the "White House" during the Siege of Vicksburg, was a native of this New England State ________________

3. Thomas E. G. Ransom, a brigade commander at Vicksburg who died in 1864 after suffering the impact of four wounds, was born in Norwich _________________

4. The pedestal for this state's memorial, which was the first erected in Vicksburg National Military Park, weighed 15 tons and was hauled through the streets of Vicksburg by 20 oxen. ___________________

5. In 1841, General John Thayer graduated from Brown University in ____________

6. Major General Frederick Steele, whose ancestors founded the capital of this state, fought under Sherman in the disastrous repulse at Chickasaw Bayou and died in 1868 after suffering a stroke and falling from the buggy he was driving. __________

7. Generals Grant and Lee, among others, received their military training at West Point in ______________ state.

8. Dr William Lord, who served as rector of Christ Episcopal Church where he held regular services during the bombardment of Vicksburg, was a graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary in _______________________.

9. This border state sent no troops to Vicksburg. ______________

10. John C. Pemberton, from Philadelphia ____________ commanded the Confederate forces at Vicksburg.

11. Killed by a shell fragment that struck him in the chest during the Battle of Champion Hill, Confederate General Lloyd Tilghman was born in this border state.

12. This state was formed from the 35 counties of Virginia west of the Shenandoah Valley and was admitted to the Union on July 4, 1863, the same day that Vicksburg surrendered. ______________________

13. A year after enduring the 47-day siege of Vicksburg, General Grant settled into a ten - month siege of Petersburg, _________,the longest siege in American warfare.

14. Major General John Horace Forney, who directed a division of Pemberton's Army at Vicksburg and was subsequently captured, was born in Lincolnton, _______

15. This was the first state to secede from the Union and the home of States Rights Gist, the Brigadier General who served under Joseph E. Johnston in the campaign intended for the relief of Vicksburg. __________________

16. James Birdseye McPherson, who commanded the 1 7th Corps at Vicksburg, was shot down near Atlanta, __________ by skirmishers while attempting to reach his command after visiting Sherman's Headquarters.

17. William "Old Blizzards" Loring, who earned his nickname from his battle cry "Give em Blizzards, Boys!," was raised in this state where he fought against the Seminoles. ___________________

18. While leading the 20th _____________ Infantry, Colonel Isham Garrott was killed on the the line by a Federal Sharpshooter before he received news that he had been promoted to Brigadier General.

19. Following the surrender of Forts Henry and Donelson in northwestern ________ General U.S. Grant earned his nickname "Unconditional Surrender."

20. Born near Lexington, _____________ , Major General John C. Breckinridge was elected Vice President at the age of 35 and later served under Joseph E. Johnston in the Campaign to relieve Vicksburg.

21. This state erected a separate monument in Vicksburg National Military Park for each of its 39 units that served here. _______________

22. Battery DeGolyer was named for Captain Samuel DeGolyer who was directing the fire of the 8th __________ Light Artillery Battery when he was mortally wounded.

23. James B. Eads, the riverine engineer who contracted the construction of the U.S.S. CAIRO, was a native of this state. ________________

24. This sate had more than 36,000 participants in the Vicksburg Campaign, including a female in disguise named Albert D. Cashier. ______________

25. "Old Abe" sits atop the ________________ Memorial.

26. Dedicated in 1907, this state's memorial. is the first you will see on the driving tour of Vicksburg National' Military Park. _______________

27. Born on the day that Robert E. Lee surrendered at Appomattox Courthouse, Henry Hudson Kitson sculpted this state's memorial along with eight others in Vicksburg National' Military Park. ____________________

28. This state's memorial is the only memorial on the battlefield dedicated to soldiers on both sides. ______________

29. The famous Confederate ironclad named for this state bravely plunged into the midst of 38 Union warships anchored above Vicksburg in mid-July, 1862. ________

30. Benjamin H. Grierson led one of the greatest calvary raids of the Civil War through the length of this state in the spring of 1863. _______________

31. This state's memorial stands within the Great Redoubt, the highest natural elevation in Vicksburg National Military Park. _________________

32. This state's memorial is constructed of red granite and features a live yucca plant. __________________

33. The modem memorial representing this state was erected in 1960 and features three circles representing the united, dividedand reunited nation. ______________

34. Major General E.O.C. Ord, who commanded the XIII Corps at Vicksburg, was on duty in this state during the Mexican War. ________________

35. While serving as quartermaster in the territory that would become this state, Ulysses S. Grant entered into numerous business ventures, including an unsuccessful attempt to raise potatoes for profit in 1853. _________________

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