Educator's Guide: Science: Medicinal Plants Trivia

1. Name two types of trees used to make medicine?
Dogwood, Redbud, Sassafras, Staghorn Sumac

2. Name a plant used to treat mosquito bites?

3. What bright red flower was used to treat typhoid fever?
Cardinal Flower

4. What plant contains digitalis?

5.True of False: If you eat plants in the forest you could die.

6.This plant was nicknamed "Indian Turnip." It is as hot as tabasco sauce. It was used to treat rattlesnake bites.

7. This plant's flower and fruit hide under a large umbrella like leaf.

8. Name the plant used today to make salads.

9. This small tree's bark smells like root beer.

10. This lanky plant is still used today for cough syrup.

11. This tree's berries are a major source of food for birds in the winter.
Flowering Dogwood

12. This plant's name comes from its smell.
Skunk Cabbage

13. Name two plants used to treat asthma.
Jimsonweed, Skunk Cabbage

14. This tree' s bark was used as quinine.
Flowering Dogwood

15. Name two plants used to treat liver disorders.
Mayapple, Pokeweed

16. This spring berry was used as an astringent.
Black Raspberry

17. In the same highly poisonous family as tomatoes, it was used to cure digestive
Common Nightshade

18. Name two plants used to reduce fevers.
Indian Hemp, Sassafras

19. These delicate flowers were abundant and used for skin diseases.

20. Dysentery was a major killer in the Civil War. Name two plants used in its cure

Black Raspberry, Redbud

21. True or False: Jack-in-the Pulpit was used to treat snake bites.

22. This tree's berries were very acidic and used as an astringent.
Staghorn Sumac

23. What plant was used in the treatment of internal injuries.

24. Name two plants that are still used today.
Black Raspberry, Fleabane, Sassafras

25. What is the name of the plant whose berries are harvested for jellies, juices
and other foods?
Black Raspberry

Last updated: April 14, 2015

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