Educator's Guide: Science: Medicinal Plants Activity Sheet

Black Raspberry Fruit: purple-back Stern archers completely over the other root tip. General tonic and astringent properties, Dysentery
Cardinal Flower Brilliant red elongated cluster on an erect stalk Typhoid Fever
Common Nightshade Whitish flowers with projecting cones of yellow anthers followed by green berries turning black

Intense digestive disorders and nervous symptoms

Fleabane Tall lanky plant with hard hairy leaves Respiratory distress, internal injuries and bruises. Today it is used in cough syrups
Flowering Dogwood A lovely small flowering tree with a short trunk; large white flowers in spring, bright red berries in winter Astringent to stop bleeding, Substitute quinine to treat malaria
Foxglove Smooth stem with clusters of yellow funnel shaped flowers Cardiac problems, (digitalis is a component of foxglove)
Indian Hemp Small greenish white flowers Intermittent and recurring fevers, Amenorrhoea, Leukorrhea and other female complaints
Jack-in-the-pulpit Curving ridged hood either green or purplish brown Reduce swelling from rattlesnake bite
Jimsonweed A tall, stout, smooth plant with a greenish or purplish stem, trumpet shaped flower Mosquito bites, a narcotic used for asthma
Mayapple Large leaf with a solitary flower, purplish under the leaf Purge summer diarrhea, good for mental conditions, rheumatism and liver ailments
Pokeweed A tall, large branching plant with a reddish stem and long clusters of small white flowers Upper respiratory infections, pharyngitis (sore throat), rheumatism and liver ailments
Redbud Short tree with a rounded spreading crown, pink flowers in the spring, with pea like pods in the fall Dysentery
Sassafras Aromatic tree, a shrubby appearance due to stout branches, can have as many as five different shaped leaves Diaphoretic (increases sweating) used to lower temperatures
Skunk Cabbage A large brownish-purple and green mottled shell like spathe; covered with tiny white flowers Expectorant and respiratory sedative; used in acute asthmatic attacks
Staghorn Sumac Shrub or small tree with branches and green flowers in terminal clusters. Berries are red in fall POISONOUS
Styptic and astringent
Trout Lily Leaves oval; flower yellowish and hanging downward Relieves hiccups, vomiting, hematuria and bleeding from the lower bowels
Verbena Purple flowers, leaves egg shaped, coarsely toothed. Stern has whitish hairs Vomiting, digestive disorders
Violets Leaves rounded or heart shaped with flower on stem from center Skin diseases

Last updated: April 14, 2015

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