Educator's Guide: Mathematics: Price in Blood


The Civil War was the deadliest conflict in this nation's history. Six hundred eighteen thousand Americans died in this struggle, exceeding the nation's losses from the Revolutionary War to the early years of Vietnam.

Twice as many died from disease as battle. The totals are only estimates, some historians place the figure closer to 700,000.


Using the Price in Blood activity sheet, the students will use a variety of statistical information that details the available number of losses for North and South in order to formulate a bar graph. The students will answer questions relating to the casualties of the Civil War.

Classroom Activities:

  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies


  • 7- 12

Objectives: The student will analyze, interpret and evaluate a variety of graphic information

Materials: Price in Blood activity sheet, pencil, paper, poster board, markers

Price in Blood Activity Sheet

Last updated: April 14, 2015

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