Educator's Guide: Language Arts: Tour Guide Brochure


Post visit activity. After the students have toured the park, they will create a tour brochure of their experience.


Students will participate in a field trip to Vicksburg National Military Park. They will develop a tour guide for the battlefield. The class may be divided into teams. Each team is assigned one aspect of the brochure. Students will collect, organize, analyze and select information for the brochure. The students will write short articles, paragraphs and captions for the brochure. Students will select historical photos and or drawings to incorporate into the brochure. Students will layout, edit and publish the brochure.

Possible Pages:

  • Cover page
  • Time line
  • Maps
  • Diary accounts
  • Main sights at the park
  • Outline of the Campaign

Classroom Activities:

  • Art
  • Language Arts
  • Social Studies


  • 5- 12


Students will learn to research, analyze, and edit information, maps, charts, photographs and drawings to produce a publication.


Reference materials, art supplies, writing supplies, graph paper for layout, computer or typewriter for publishing

Last updated: April 14, 2015

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