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World War II Valor in the Pacific, Remembering the Pacific

Remembering the Pacific is a video podcast series that presents the personal stories behind World War II's Pacific Theater. Hear American and Japanese servicemen tell their war stories from December 7, 1941 through the war to the ongoing reconciliation between the two countries. Witness the effects on the home front as American and Japanese civilians recount the emotions of the war years and come to terms with loved ones lost, sacrifices made and recognition of civil rights. Hear about the personal importance of the memorials and the lasting impacts of the Pacific War.

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Echoes of Pearl Harbor - Man with glasses looking into camera.

Episode 3
Echoes of Pearl Harbor
Posted: January 19, 2011

Reflections of the U.S.S. Arizona - Arizona Memorial a white curved building sitting in harbor with the US flag flying above

Episode 1
Reflections of the U.S.S. Arizona
Posted: November 11, 2010

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