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Chief of Cultural and Natural Resources Scott Pawlowski

Scott Pawlowski

Scott Pawlowski manages cultural and natural resources at World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument. This position encompasses research, planning and stewardship of National Park Service (NPS) historic structures, vessels, landscapes, memorials, museum collections, flora and fauna. As a founding member of the NPS Pacific West Cultural Resource Emergency Response Team (CRERT), he also assists with recovery and salvage work during civil emergencies and has rendered aid during the American Samoa Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Ivan, Glacier National Park and Mesa Verde park fires. Prior to 20 years working for the National Park Service, he spent 9 years studying fish reproductive behavior at the University of Colorado, Boulder with Dr. Alex Cruz and at NOAA's National Underwater Research Center, Lee Stocking Island, Bahamas.

Scott's experience in private industry is also extensive in the customer service, light manufacturing and restaurant areas. He has consulted for a number of Fortune 1000 companies and small businesses in the areas of economic decision making, business intelligence and strategy. Scott is particularly proud of his 15 year association with the Flagstaff House Restaurant.

Last updated: July 12, 2017

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