How did we arrive at our numbers?

Marching in to Valley Forge

Roughly 10,000 were combat troops marched in to Valley Forge and the remaining 2,000 were “support personnel” – what is today called “logistical support.”

Marching out of Valley Forge

Those doing the park research in 1992/93 – arrived at 20,00 troops marching out of Valley Forge by consulting the quartermaster’s “rations requested” total for June; a request that included the anticipation of having to feed the New Jersey militia units that would soon join the main army.

Thus, it is more accurate to claim that the Continental Army marched out of the Valley Forge area with more than 12,500 fully-equipped soldiers, with an accompanying 3,000-men with logistical support. That takes us up to a 15,500 total. Add in the anticipated New Jersey units and we get up to around 18,500.

See “Valley Forge Report,” Thibault and Bodle’s “Valley Forge Report” and Robert K. Wright, Jr., “The Continental Army” of the U.S. Army Lineage Series.

Last updated: December 2, 2015

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