March 3, 1778

In a desperate hour the Commander-in-Chief turns to his most trusted Lieutenant, Major General Nathanael Greene of Rhode Island, to bring order out of the chaos that reigns in the army quartermaster department. Within only two months there is marked improvement.

About a mile and a half further down the Joseph Plumb Martin Trail from the National Memorial Arch is Artillery Park. Do you see all the Cannons formed up in a "U" shape? Imagine 40-50 more cannons and over 8,000 soldiers in need of food and equipment. Keeping such an army supplied was no easy task.

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An engraving of General Washington inspecting the soldiers in deplorable conditions.

February 24, 1778

Death, disease and desertion cause the army to shrink to 6,000 soldiers.

A line of cannons in the snow.

Artillery Park

Learn about the artillery units and General Knox.

The head and shoulders of a statue of a Continental Army General.

March 24, 1778

Baron von Steuben starts training the Continental Army.

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