Suggested Reading

Birthplace of an Army
by John Trussell
formerly PA Historical Museum Commission

Epic on the Schuylkill
by John Trussell
PennsylvaniaHistorical Museum Commission (PHMC)
ISBN: 0911124810

Great and Capital Change

by Barbara Pollarine
Thomas Publications
ISBN: 0939631547

Valley Forge
by Wayne Bodle
PennState UniversityPress
ISBN: 0271025263

Washington's Secret War

by Thomas Fleming
HarperCollins (Smithsonian Books)
ISBN: 0060872934 (paperback) 0060829621 (hardback)

Valley Forge: Making a Remaking a National Symbol

by Lorett Treese
PennState UniversityPress
ISBN: 0271014032

Valley Forge
(kid's book)
by Richard Ammon
ISBN: 0823420167

The Winter at Valley Forge
(kid's book)
by James E. Knight
ISBN: 0816749752

Valley Forge: Cornerstones of Freedom
(kid's book)
by R. Conrad Stein
Children's Press
ISBN: 0516265105

A Narrative of a Revolutionary Soldier

by Joseph Plumb Martin & Thomas Fleming
ISBN: 0451528115

Memoir of a Revolutionary Soldier: The Narrative of Joseph Plumb Martin

by Joseph Plumb Martin
ISBN: 0486451461

Yankee Doodle Boy: A Young Soldiers Adventures in the Revolutionary War
(kid's book)
by Joseph Plumb Martin
ISBN: 082341180X

Washington: The Indispensable Man

by Thomas Flexner
unknown publisher

A History of the American Revolution

by John Alden
Da Capo Press
ISBN: 0306803666

The American Revolution

by Bruce Lancaster
Houghton Mifflin
ISBN: 0618127399

The American Revolution

by Gordon Wood
Random House
ISBN: 0753818078 (paperback) 1842126806 (hardcover)

The Glorious Cause: The American Revolution, 1763-1789

by Robert Middlekauff
ISBN: 019531588X (paperback)

The War of American Independence

by Don Higginbotham
ISBN: 0930350448

The War for America

By Piers Mackesy
Universityof NebraskaPress
ISBN: 0803281927

The Philadelphia Campaign: Volumes 1 & 2

by Thomas McGuire
Stackpole Books
ISBN's: 0811701786 & 0811702065

Campaign to Valley Forge

by John F. Reed
Pioneer Press
ISBN: 0913150428

The Road to Valley Forge

by John Buchanan
ISBN: 0471441562

1777: The Year of the Hangman

by John Pancake
Universityof AlabamaPress
ISBN: 0817306870

The Surprise of Germantown

By Thomas McGuire
Thomas Publications
ISBN: 0939631776

Philadelphia 1777

by Justin Clement
ISBN: 1846030331

Monmouth 1778

by Brendan Morrissey
ISBN: 1841767727

Continental Infantryman of the American Revolution

by John Milsop
ISBN: 1841765864

General Washington's Army (1) 1775-78

by Marko Zlatich
ISBN: 1855323842

General Washington's Army (2) 1779-1783

by Marko Zlatich
ISBN: 185532590X

American War of Independence Commanders

by Rene Chartrand
ISBN: 1841765686

The Battle of Monmouth

by William Stryker
Longstreet House
ISBN: 0944413609

Washington's Indispensable Men

by Arthur Lefkowitz
Stackpole Books
ISBN: 0811716465

Baron von Steuben's Revolutionary War Drill Manual

By Frederick William Baron von Steuben
ISBN: 0486249344

George Washington and the American Military Tradition

by Don Higginbotham
Universityof Georgia Press
ISBN: 0820324000

A Revolutionary People at War

by Charles Royster
Universityof North CarolinaPress
ISBN: 0807846066

A Proper Sense of Honor

by Caroline Cox
Universityof North CarolinaPress
ISBN: 0807858617 (paperback) 080782884X (hardcover)

George Washington's Generals and their Opponents

by George Athan Billias
Da Capo Press
ISBN: 030680560X

Revolutionary Soldier: 1775-1783

by C. Keith Wilbur
Globe Pequot
ISBN: 1564401669

Revolutionary Medicine

by C. Keith Wilbur
Globe Pequot
ISBN: 0762701390

Belonging to the Army

by Holly Mayer
Universityof South CarolinaPress
ISBN: 1570033390

Women of the Republic

by Linda Kerber
Universityof North CarolinaPress
ISBN: 0807846325

The Negro in the American Revolution

by Benjamin Quarles
Universityof North CarolinaPress
ISBN: 0807846031

Race and Revolution

by Gary Nash
ISBN: 0945612214

Come all You Brave Soldiers

by Clinton Cox
ISBN: 0590475770 (paperback) 0590475762 (hardcover)

Forgotton Allies: The Oneida Indians and the American Revolution

by Joseph T. Glattaar
von Holtzbrinck
ISBN: 0809046008

Don Troiani's Soldiers of the American Revolution

by Don Troiani & James L. Kochan
ISBN: 0811733238

His Excellency

by Joseph Ellis
Random House
ISBN: 1400032539 (paperback) 0571212123 (hardcover)


by Harlow Giles Unger
ISBN: 0471468851 (paperback) 0471394327 (hardcover)

Washington's General: Nathanael Greene

by Terry Golway
von Holtzbrinck
ISBN: 0805080058 (paperback) 0805070664 (hardcover)

Major General Anthony Wayne and the Pennsylvania Line

by Charles J. Stille
Kessinger Publishing
ISBN: 0548377804

Biography of Baron von Steuben

by Don Heinrich Tolzmann
Heritage Books
ISBN: 0788410660

The Life of Frederick William von Steuben

by Friedrich Kapp
Kessinger Publishing
ISBN: 1428602003

Martha Washington: An American Life

by Patricia Brady
ISBN: 0143037137 (paperback)

Sally Wister's Journal

by Sally Wister
ISBN: 1557091145

Rebels and Redcoats

by George F. Scheer
Da Capo
ISBN: 0306803070

Writings from the Valley Forge Encampment: Volumes 1-6

edited by Joseph Lee Boyle
Heritage Books
ISBN's:0788415298, 0788418254, 0788420275, 078842288X, 0788425617, 0788442910

Collectors Illustrated Encyclopedia of the American Revolution

by George Neumann
ISBN: 0960566678

BattleWeapons of the American Revolution

by George Neumann
ISBN: 1880655128

Alexander Hamilton

by Ron Chernow
ISBN: 1594200092

John Laurens and the American Revolution

by Gregory D. Massey
Universityof South CarolinaPress
ISBN: 1570033307

Pox Americana

by Elizabeth Fenn
von Holtzbrinck
ISBN: 080907821X

What Can't Brave Americans Endure? The New Jersey Infantry and Valley Forge

by Joseph Lee Boyle
ISBN: 0806351136

Firecake and Water: The Connecticut Infantry at Valley Forge

by Joseph Lee Boyle
ISBN: 0806349131

Death Seem'd to Stare: The New Hampshire and Rhode Island Regiments at Valley Forge

by Joseph Lee Boyle
ISBN: 0806352671

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