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Eadeh Enterprises
2009 – 2010

In 2009, The Wayne Rotary, Penn State Alumni, Chester Co. Chapter, and Eadeh Enterprises cleared vegetation and accumulated, decayed debris from the Philander Chase Knox greenhouse. Metal framework of the upper greenhouse glazed walls and roof were wire brushed to eliminate 50 years of rust and dirt. The entire framework was painted with a rust resistant paint to preserve it from deterioration. Gable end woodwork was painted white as it was originally. Dislodged brick from the knee walls were re-mortared in place.

In 2010, Eadeh Enterprises, under the organization and supervision of Ernest Eadeh and his daughter Heather, preparation of the weathered, painted wood siding on the Valley Forge Farm barn and stable was accomplished. Volunteers from the Wayne Rotary and Penn State Alumni Chapter were assembled on May 15th for a day of volunteer service to repaint these structures and the adjacent post and rail fencing.

Sadly, the 2010 volunteer effort, was the eighth and last for Ernest having lost his lengthy battle with cancer. Ernest’s many years of assisting with deferred maintenance at the park, his participation with the Friends of Valley Forge, and his many civic contributions outside the park were celebrated at an uplifting memorial service at Valley Forge Historic Park’s Visitor Center, by over 400 of his friends and acquaintances on September 20, 2010.


Wayne Rotary Club Projects 2008
Organizer: Ernest Eadeh, Ernest Eadeh Enterprises

Penn State Alumni Projects 2008
Organizer: Heather Eadeh

On May 17, 2008, the Wayne Rotary Club and the members of the local Penn State Alumni Chapter participated in a volunteer project under the guidance of Ernest Eadeh and Heather Eadeh. This year’s building rehabilitation effort was centered on the repair and re-painting of Knox’s Quarters in Valley Forge National Historical Park. Over thirty five people, of multiple age groups, came to add finishing touches to the stucco façade, window frames, cellar bulkhead door, and south porch overlooking Valley Creek.

All of this work was preceded by major preparation work accomplished by Ernest Eadeh’s craftsmen from his firm Eadeh Enterprises. Beginning on Monday, May 12, at least five of the firm’s men worked to clean the exterior stucco of years of grim and mildew. This was accomplished with low pressure power washing and hand scrubbing. Following that, the entire stucco surface was given a white primer coat and first coat. The north stone steps were re-mortared, correcting an unstable condition. At the same time, the rotted cellar bulkhead door was re-built with new lumber. In addition, repairs were made to the porch column plinths and the rotted wood column bases were rebuilt or epoxied. The rotted mouldings and sills of the windows were replaced. Following that, all the remaining wooden window frames were scrapped of loose paint and all wood surfaces were primed. On Saturday, the volunteers applied a finish coat of paint to all wood and stucco surfaces.

All of the paint, brushes, pails, and associated materials were provided by The Sherman-Williams Paint Store of Wayne. The generous donation was made by Sherwin-Williams Market Manager, Matthew O’Brien.

Now, with the building having a major structural failure corrected and a new fire resistant treated wood roof applied, and the building painted, its condition is significantly improved and the exterior appears more pristine than it has in the last thirty two years.

This is the sixth year that this volunteer effort has contributed much needed attention to deal with the park’s deferred maintenance. Most of the effort can be seen in numerous buildings in the Valley Forge Farm complex but there are a half a dozen other structures, scattered throughout the park, that have received attention from these two groups as well.

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