Welcome to the site of the 1st Virginia Brigade

June 25, 2013 Posted by: Stephanie Loeb

Welcome to the 1st Virginia Brigade! Historically, this was the site of the brigade under the command of General Peter Muhlenberg, situated on the White tent over excavation situated in front of the replica hutseastern extreme of the outer line of defense. Today we know this area as Muhlenberg's Brigade, tour stop #2 on the 10-mile 

A geophysical survey was completed in December of 2012 and identified a number of possible archeological features. The excavations this summer will examine the geophysical anomalies to see if any of them are encampment-era features. Encampment Tour route and the primary site of the park's living history programs. The excavation this summer was planned in preparation for upcoming renovations to the brigade site. The park is planning to expand the interpretive features of the site to help support the story of the encampment and provide more hands on learning experiences. Plans to rehab and re-open the redoubt, known as Fort John Moore, will invite visitors to immerse themselves in an 18th century earthen fortification and understand the advanced planning and engineering done by the Continental Army. 

20 years

archeology, excavation, Valley Forge, encampment, American Revolution

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