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August 28, 2015
Looking for Boy Scout Troops for a Volunteer Project
Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River Needs Your Help with Trail Maintenance on the Tusten Mountain Trail in Narrowsburg, NY

August 23, 2015
Park Ranger Guided Canoe Instruction on the Delaware River
Park Ranger from Upper Delaware Scenic & Recreational River will demonstrate proper canoe paddling techniques and safety

August 17, 2015
Discover the Story of the Erie Railroad through Living History
Learn about the scandalous local history of the Erie Railroad, and New York’s glamorous and wealthy elite who escaped to the scenic Upper Delaware on the Erie’s passenger service

May 17, 2012
Thanking America's Armed Forces
To show our appreciation for those who serve in the U.S. Military, on May 19 – Armed Forces Day – the National Park Service will begin issuing an annual pass offering free entrance to all 397 national parks for active duty military members and their dependents.

May 09, 2012
Mile-a-minute Vine Found in Upper Delaware River Valley
Mile-a-minute vine, unfortunately, gets its name from the eerie rate at which this vine can grow in a day. Yes, it’s true; it can grow up to 6 inches in one day and can reach over 20 feet long in one growing season.

May 04, 2012
Large Blooms of Didymo Discovered in the Delaware River
Superintendent Sean McGuinness announced today that an aquatic biologist with the Delaware River Basin Commission found extensive mats of the aquatic alga Didymosphenia geminata (also known as Didymo or "Rock Snot"), an invasive species, in the Delaware River.

May 04, 2012
High School River Clean Up
Each year volunteers remove a tremendous amount of litter and waste from the floor and banks of the river. This is your chance to help keep our public lands safe and beautiful!

May 04, 2012
Don Hamilton Promoted to Chief of Resource Management
Don Hamilton, Natural Resource Specialist, was recently promoted to the position of Chief of Resource Management at Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River.

August 26, 2011
Flooding Expected Along Upper Delaware River
Due to Hurricane Irene the possibility for significant flooding exists on the Upper Delaware River and its tributaries.

August 14, 2009
Roebling Bridge Road Work Delayed Until Monday, August 17, 2009
Road work originally scheduled for August 13 and 14 has been delayed until Monday, August 17, 2009. “The weather has forced them to postpone their work until Monday, commented Superintendent Vidal Martinez. 

August 06, 2009
National Park Service Announces Minor Delays Crossing the Roebling Bridge
No abstract supplied.

July 07, 2009
Evening Nocturnal Program to be Held at the Zane Grey Museum
No abstract supplied.

July 06, 2009
Evening Night Sky Program to be Held at the Zane Grey Museum
Join Park Ranger Alyson Lasko to learn about the summer evening sky. Through demonstrations and a PowerPoint presentation visitors will learn how to identify the summer constellations, as well as the stories behind them. 

July 02, 2009
The Zane Grey Festival to be held again at the Zane Grey Museum
No abstract supplied.

June 22, 2009
Summer Programs for Children to be Held at the Zane Grey Museum
No abstract supplied.

June 04, 2009
Roebling Bridge and Minisink Trail Repairs
Two historic Upper Delaware resources that received extensive damage during the floods of 2004-05-06 will receive extra attention this construction season, according to Superintendent Vidal Martinez of the National Park Service.

November 17, 2008
30th Anniversary Events
Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River marked 30 Years of Partnering to Protect the River with two special events.

October 03, 2008
Upper Delaware EXPO
Please join Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River in celebrating its anniversary at the Upper Delaware EXPO on Saturday, October 25, 2008.

October 03, 2008
Upper Delaware 30-Year Retrospective
The 30th anniversary of the designation of the Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River will be commemorated on November 8 with a symposium at Central House Family Resort in Beach Lake, PA.

July 25, 2008
Fifty-six Drown in Upper Delaware River
Fifty-six people drowned in the Upper Delaware River since 19. The number wearing a life jacket? Zero! 80. 

September 08, 2006
National Park Service Hosts New York State Hunter Safety Course
No abstract supplied.

September 01, 2006
Rising Water Increases Danger on Upper Delaware River
Dave Forney, Superintendent of the National Park Service at Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River, announced this morning that although the water level is dropping on the Delaware River, there is still a danger of high water for the weekend.

September 01, 2006
Upper Delaware River Swimming Advisory
Water quality monitoring conducted on August 29 and 30 revealed high fecal coliform bacteria levels throughout the Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River and within Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.

July 20, 2006
"Lost and Found" for the Delaware River
Flood water on the Upper Delaware River resulted in boats, propane tanks, tables and other items being swept downstream. Now that the water level has gone down, locating and recovering items lost in the flood will become easier.

July 20, 2006
Is the Delaware River Safe for Boating and Swimming?
No abstract supplied.

July 05, 2006
Roebling Bridge Reopens to Vehicular Traffic
Roebling Bridge reopened to vehicular traffic at 3:20 pm today.

June 28, 2006
High Water Danger on Upper Delaware River
Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River is experiencing historic flood conditions. Flood and high water conditions are expected to continue through this weekend.

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