James Brown House

James Brown was an important Cherokee leader at the time of the Removal in 1838. His house and farm were located in Ooltewah, Tennessee, in Hamilton County near Chattanooga. In 2006, a NPS official learned that the house was in danger of imminent collapse and needed an immediate rescue effort. He contacted specialists with the NPS' Historic Preservation Projects Program; a Challenge Cost Share Program Agreement was arranged with the Tennessee Preservation Trust; and a workshop was held in November 2006 that involved the Tennessee Preservation Trust, the Heritage Conservation Network, and the property owners. The workshop report provides a broad array of architectural, engineering, and structural information aimed toward stabilizing and eventually preserving the James Brown House.

John A. Scott, James Brown House Stabilization Workshop Report; Record of Treatment – Stabilization of Proposed Trail of Tears Site, 2007 (5.44 MB pdf)

historic John Brown house
Historic John Brown house
Brown house prior to stabilization
Rear view of house prior to initial stabilization in 2004
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