Trail of Tears Exhibits - Dispersal Camps

Image of the exhibit at Stilwell about arrival and dispersal showing at Cherokee camp.
Exhibit in Stilwell, Oklahoma

Painting by Dorothy Stilwell

Mrs. Webbers' Plantation, Stilwell, Oklahoma

When Cherokee detachments arrived in Indian Territory (present-day Oklahoma), each had a designated dispersal or distribution site. Mrs. Webber's was located in present-day Stilwell.

3 MB, PDF, 3 exhibits

Image of the exhibit near Westville, Oklahoma, showing a Cherokee dispersal depot.
Exhibit at Westville, Oklahoma

Painting by Dorothy Sullican

Bushyhead's Depot, Westville, Oklahoma

Another Cherokee dispersal site is located near present-day Westville, Oklahoma. There were a total of eight depots.

2.2 MB, PDF, 2 exhibits

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