Final Recommendations

Final conclusions as to which KSA items should receive high priority, moderate priority, and low priority were based on the combined analysis of the employee and supervisor findings. Any KSA where employees and supervisors were in agreement as to level of priority received that level of priority. For KSA’s where employees and supervisors were not in agreement with level of priority, that item was placed in the moderate priority category. The following is the list of final recommendations resulting from the NPS Universal Competencies training needs assessment. Where appropriate and where consensus between supervisors and employees exist, the gap between importance and preparation is used to rank training priorities within each of the three categories. The moderate priority KSA’s are listed in rank order based on the gap analysis between importance and preparation by employees and supervisors, whereas the low priority KSA’s are listed simply in the order they appear on the survey instrument.

High Priority

Moderate Priority

Low Priority

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