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Decommissed TEL

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After 13 years and hundred of hours of live training broadcasts, the NPS Distance Learning Center (DLC) is transitioning away from the Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) satellite based learning conference delivery system and will be soley using internet to deliver live training events starting this fall. The TEL system has served the National Park Service extremely well, but with the growing use of Internet technologies for conferencing in recent years, TEL satellite use has been diminishing and was rarely used in this past year.

Internet based video broadcasts are more economical and provide additional capabilities such as chat, video archiving, video on demand, and allow us to broadcast on location. If you find that decomissioning TEL leaves you without services of any kind, please contact the Distance Learning (DLC) offices so that we can understand how to support you during this transition.

August 2014 was the last billable month for your site's maintenance fee--If you are billed for maintenance after August, please contact us. Please review your invoice before contacting us. Check this link for frequently asked questions.

While you are able to view/participate in Internet based conferences on your computer (both at home and work), we also encourage watching the training events as a group to minimize distractions in the office and create the opportunity for group discussion during the event; viewing as a group will also conserve bandwidth at your location.

The TEL equipment at your site such as the TV, satellite receiver, microphones, and DVD/VCR are yours to keep and use or recycle.

Dale Carpenter
Program Manager
Distance Learning Center

Ryan Jennings
IT Specialist
Distance Learning Center

David Barton
Instructional Systems Designer
Distance Learning Center

Mary Robinson
Training Specialist
Distance Learning Center

Katrina Fritts
Operations Chief
Distance Learning Center

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