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Supervision, Management & Leadership Career Field

Sue Tillotson, Program Manager
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Washington, D.C. 20005
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Welcome to the Supervision, Management & Leadership Career Field Website. Supervision,
Management & Leadership offers a interdisciplinary career field involving all career fields
that include the crucial responsibilities of directing and guiding the work of others in
achieving unit and organizational supervision and management; and of expanding
empooyees' abilities to visualize self and group potential, create environments that increase
personal and organizational abilities, and work effectively in teams.

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Items to help determine where you are with the program requirements and assignments:
Assignment Checklist
Leadership Development Component: Executive Interivew

Additional Modules:
Emerging Leaders Consortium 100: Wanted! Leaders Willing to Serve and Take Action
Emerging Leaders Consortium 200: Negotiations: The Essence of Management and Leadership
Emerging Leaders Consortium 300: Congressional Actions and the National Park Service (Announcement)
Emerging Leaders Consortium 400: Ethical Leadership: Dilemmas and Decisions
Emerging Leaders Consortium 600: Practical Skills for Leaders: Taking a Stand
Emerging Leaders Consortium 800: Optimizing Your Attitude, Energey and Focus
Emerging Leaders Consortium 900: Strategic Communication Tactics

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