Natural Resource Stewardship Competencies

The National Park Service's (NPS) Training and Development Program is dedicated to developing curricula based on competencies. The NPS Training and Development Program defines a competency as “a measurable pattern of knowledge, skills, abilities, behaviors and other characteristics that an individual needs to perform work roles or occupational functions successfully.” Through competency-based training and developmental opportunities, the natural resource career field works to enhance employees' knowledge, skills, and abilities for their personal and professional success.

Essential Competencies for Natural Resource Stewardship:

An ability to effectively communicate complex, technical, or controversial natural resource information to diverse audiences through a variety of media.

NPS Resource Stewardship
The ability to effectively apply laws, policies, regulations, and guidelines in concert with scientific knowledge to protect park resources and ecological systems.

Planning and Compliance
The ability to apply scientific knowledge to identify and define natural resource issues, and to develop and evaluate alternative management strategies.

Professional Credibility
Demonstrated expertise in and contributions to science and scientific endeavors which are recognized by peers in Government agencies and the academic community as providing a strong foundation and leadership in the natural resources work performed.

Project & Program Management
The ability to apply knowledge of scientific concepts and NPS programs to plan, implement, and/or administer natural resource projects.

Scientific Knowledge
In-depth knowledge of current ecological and scientific principles with an ability to evaluate results of research that can be used to resolve diverse and complex park natural resource issues.

Scientific Method
The knowledge and ability to apply sound scientific approaches and appropriate methods to resolve natural resource management issues, including the design, conduct, and evaluation of inventory, monitoring, and research projects.

View or print the seven essential competencies identified for the natural resource career field.


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