Resource Protection Curriculum ImageResource Stewardship and Protection Curriculum Mission:
To develop and strengthen the knowledge and competencies of all NPS employees, by connecting them to the resources, and building proactive capabilities for resource protection through interdisciplinary collaboration and partnering.

Resource Stewardship and Protection Curriculum Goals:
Employees understand the relationship between their individual responsibilities and those of their fellow employees and partners in implementing the agency’s mission and providing high- quality public service. Employees are inspired to take action to implement resource protection and stewardship in a collaborative forum.

Resource Stewardship and Protection Curriculum History:
The Pacific West Region began developing the Interdisciplinary Resource Stewardship and Protection curriculum in 1998. Partners from multiple regions have supported the development of the curriculum over the last twelve years. The Director’s Law Enforcement Task Force recognized that this series of courses was exceptionally well designed and had the potential to resolve elemental deficiencies in resource protection implementation.  The curriculum is now being implemented on a Servicewide basis out of the Horace M. Albright Training Center. Funding from the Natural Resource Challenge has been used to evaluate, refine, and develop the courses in conjunction with Indiana University, Eppley Institute for Parks & Public Lands. Refinements will ensure the course work projects a “Philosophy of Protection and Interdisciplinary Collaboration” for enhanced resource protection.

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