Career Academy For Natural Resources Draft Framework

Academy Draft FrameworkThe Career Academy for Natural Resources will incorporate a wide variety of instructional methods, taking advantage of an expanding array of e-learning technologies, coaching, mentoring, detail opportunities, and face-to-face experiences depending on the method that best serves the targeted goals and outcomes. The academy focuses on offering diverse and progressive learning opportunities to ensure participants' fulfillment of natural resource competencies and desired career development. The academy will foster rigor and assessment, enabling both employees and supervisors to monitor progress and adjust learning strategies to help meet the mission of the National Park Service (NPS).

The Career Academy for Natural Resources is being designed to address the seven natural resource competencies of employees at each level of their position from entry through journey level. Learning opportunities will be developed around the competencies required to perform specific positions.

A draft framework was created in April of 2010 by a subject matter expert group. An interactive graphic to illustrate the dynamic progression of the academy’s learning opportunities has been developed. Use the interactive graphic to explore the draft framework for your own learning opportunities. The graph reads from the bottom to the top and each box is linked to a page that will provide more information about that specific learning opportunity.

After the completion of NPS Fundamentals an employee can enter, leave and re-enter the academy at any time. There are three hierarchal levels in the academy: Entry/Developmental, Journey, and Advanced. Tools will be included to assess where employees are in their career field and identify which learning opportunities they should undertake in order to achieve their desired competencies and career goals.

These opportunities are just examples of the type of content or experience the design group felt would be appropriate for each level and competency. Much work remains to finalize each area.

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