Career Academy for Natural Resources

The Career Academy for Natural Resources is being designed to provide developmental opportunities and learning resources for natural resource professionals to acquire and refine skills in meeting job requirements, position competencies, the National Park Service (NPS) mission, and personal development goals. The NPS Director’s “A Call to Action” specifically identifies the academy program as a process to enhance professional and organizational excellence.

Employees at any stage in their career can utilize the academy to assist in career planning and professional development. New employees will see the logical progression from NPS Fundamentals to the academy as they advance through entry/developmental, journey and advanced performance level opportunities.

Academy Framework Graphic

The academy will incorporate a wide variety of powerful innovative learning opportunities focused on connecting employees through professional networking, formal and informal courses, detail opportunities, and collaboration with universities and the scientific community. Interdisciplinary employees will be included in some opportunities to create a diverse workforce in support of critical thinking and science-based decisions; increasing capacity for advancement of science, resource management, and park stewardship.

Eventually, program information will be accessible through a common learning portal and monitored for currency and connectivity. The Career Academy for Natural Resources will foster rigor and assessment, enabling both employee and supervisor to monitor progress and adjust learning strategies to help meet the mission of the National Park Service.

Take Charge of Your Professional Growth

New and Entry/Development Level Employees

The Foundational Natural Resource Series is geared for entry level to developmental level employees and new NPS employees at all levels. It may also be valuable for all natural resource professionals. Some training opportunities are available to seasonal and term as well as permanent employees. See the Catalog for the current list of classroom and on-line training opportunities.

The Catalog also lists position-related electives for employees who need more in-depth training in specific areas.

Journey and Advanced Level Employees

Journey and advanced level employees (GS-11 and above) can explore the Draft Framework to find suggested developmental activities to acquire the skills needed to enhance your career path now and as you move up through the agency, and to see the kind of opportunities that may be designed in the future.

All Levels

Build your own suite of developmental activities.

The academy addresses the seven natural resource competencies from entry through journey level. Explore the competencies to identify the skills and abilities you need to advance your career and create a Professional Development Plan.

Check the Catalog and Events pages for upcoming classes, eLearning, webinars, and other opportunities to network and develop skills.

Learn More

A team of over 50 current and former NPS employees and partners have collaborated to create the draft academy framework concept, resulting in the foundational and intermediate series. Use the links at the left to find out more about the Career Academy for Natural Resources and how it fits in with the National Park Service Career Academy.

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