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Essential Competencies

ENTRY LEVEL -Park Ranger or Cash Clerk

Description: Performs tasks related to the operation of a Campground Visitor Contact Station. Campground may be operated under one of several registration systems; a computerized reservation system or a self-registration system.

1. Operates campground registration system
2. Performs campground fee collection duties
3. Provides and disseminates information
4. Resolves conflicts and complaints

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Knowledge of specific campground registration system, including skill to perform basic computer operations (if applicable).

Knowledge of recreation fee collection policies and procedures.

Knowledge and understanding of the Park resources and regulations, visitor services and facilities, park geography and local features.

Ability to communicate orally.

Ability to deal with a high volume of personal, often stressful, contacts and to resolve conflicts.

SUPERVISORY LEVEL - Supervisory Park Ranger or Supervisory Cash Clerk

Description: Performs tasks as a Supervisor of field personnel. Responsible for auditing personnel, preparing remittances and deposits and other specific fee collection reports.

Responsible for fee collection and reservation equipment procurement, maintenance and replacement. Responsible for overall protection of resources within area of responsibility.

1. Provide supervision of personnel
2. Perform audits and follow-up with any discrepancies uncovered during the audit
3. Perform fee collection responsibilities in compliance with Department of Treasury, DOI, NPS and Park fee collection policies
4. Perform installation, maintenance and troubleshooting for electronic fee collection equipment

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Knowledge of supervisory principles and practices.

Ability to perform audits, identify fiscal discrepancies and take resulting appropriate corrective action.

Ability to perform fee collection duties.

Knowledge of campground registration systems, and ability to utilize associated electronic equipment.

MANAGEMENT LEVEL - Fee Program Manager or District Ranger

Description: Manages all fee collection and campground operations within the Park or District.

1. Ensures compliance with all applicable policies and guidelines
2. Sets goals, objectives, policies and procedures
3. Audits and reviews programs under his/her operation
4. Serves as liaison with Regional, Concessioner and Contract agencies

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Comprehensive knowledge of current legislation, DOI, NPS, and Park policies and the ability to interpret, disseminate and ensure compliance with the same.

Ability to gather and analyze data and apply results to management of recreation fee program.

Knowledge of related NPS contracts and park amendments that apply to specific campground registration / reservation systems, if applicable.

Knowledge of contracting policies and procedures.

National Park Service
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Essential Competencies

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