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Essential Competencies

Description: Training in recognizing attributes of an effective supervisor and principles of sound supervision. Emphasis is on case studies, role play, and hands on experience.



1. Supervision Styles
2. Coaching and Counseling
3. Delegation
4. Employee characteristics and behavior
5. Motivation

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Ability to plan employees' work schedules and delegate

Ability to coach and counsel employees and keep work group focused on task at hand

Knowledge of various styles of supervision

Knowledge of principles of sound supervision

Knowledge of motivation techniques and applications in the work environment

Ability to evaluate and assign work based on employees' strengths and interests



1. Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution
2. Decisiveness
3. Flexibility
4. Change
5. Motivation and Morale

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Ability to recognize problems and take corrective action; skill in guiding a team through a conflict resolution process that results in consensus

Ability to exercise decisiveness and flexibility

Ability to affect change in an organization, adapt to change, and guide employees through the process of change

Ability to create a motivating environment which enhances employee morale

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Essential Competencies

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