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Essential Competencies

Description: Charting a course, goal setting, and the process of establishing long range plans and developing objectives to achieve them. Skills in resource allocation, time management, and partner collaboration.


I.Project/Program Management

1. Setting goals and establishing priorities
2. Goals, objectives, and implementation strategies
3. The basics of project/program management

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Knowledge of goal and priority setting principles

Knowledge of the differences between goals and objectives

Knowledge of principles of resource allocation

Ability to use effective time management techniques in project management

Ability to incorporate servicewide efforts into local planning projects


I. Project/Program Management

1. Monitoring, measuring and evaluating progress and outcomes
2. Financial management
3. Performance measurement

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Ability to analyze organizational productivity and management effectiveness, and mitigate appropriately

Ability to analyze merit and measurability of goals and take corrective action as appropriate

Ability to distinguish between efficiency and effectiveness in managing related programs and issues

Ability to prepare, justify, administer and monitor resource allocations to ensure cost-effective programs


I. Complex Project/Program Management

1. Ecosystem management
2. Complex public/private partnerships
3. Influencing national policy and servicewide strategy

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Ability to develop and enhance an extensive professional network with relevant zone of influence appropriate to Service issues

Ability to establish effective alliances with external groups to deal with complex resource issues of a politically sensitive nature

Ability to influence national policy to effectively resolve issues and move forward strategies which are ecologically based and result in improved ecosystem health

National Park Service
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Essential Competencies

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