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Essential Competencies

Description: Manager/supervisor's tool for promoting the NPS environmental and heritage ethic locally, regionally, nationally and internationally, including:

A. Broad perspective of NPS culture with emphasis on the history and evolution of planning related to park and program issues that shape current management policies.

B. Broad perspective of internal and external factors that have a direct and indirect effect on the condition of park resources and management of parks.

C. Application of skills and attitudes necessary to develop and maintain effective external relationships in planning regional, national and international solutions to complex resource issues.


I.Tactical Planning

1. NPS-12 and planning process
2. Environmental and historic preservation compliance requirements
3. Environmental compliance legislation

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Knowledge of NPS values, ethic, and legislative mandates

Knowledge of the factors and issues that effect park resources

Knowledge of effective planning, communication and organizational development techniques that promote customer service and resource protection

Knowledge of environmental and historic preservation compliance requirements

Knowledge of NPS planning standards and guidelines and principles of sustainability


1.External Factors
2.Implementation of park programs
3. Implementation of compliance procedures
4. Goal setting

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Ability to demonstrate a working knowledge of the principles that govern park planning and operations

Ability to demonstrate a working knowledge of how to interpret external factors as they may affect park planning

Ability to demonstrate a working knowledge of effective planning and organizational techniques that promote external relations

Knowledge of the concepts and theories associated with the planning process

Ability to lead employees and constituent groups through effective planning process by working through strategic long and short term goals

Ability to recognize and manage projects requiring environmental compliance


I.Tactical Planning

2.Partnership opportunities

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Ability to train others in planning that promotes NPS values, principles and ethics governing park/unit planning and operations; contributes to the revision or shaping of policy and professional standards of practice

Ability to apply knowledge of external factors to park/unit planning and effective integrates findings into the scoping, alternatives, compliance process.

Ability to participate in or orchestrate complex inter-jurisdictional planning activities with full appreciation of external affects and partnership opportunities.

Ability to assess effectiveness of tactical planning efforts.

National Park Service
Training and Development Division
Essential Competencies

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