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Essential Competencies

Description: Knowledge, skills and ability with personnel management practices and supervision including: recruiting and hiring authorities, discipline, adverse actions and appeals, incentive awards, health and life insurance, retirement, employee assistance, compensation/benefits programs, and position management/classification. Skill in planning and implementing employee development programs, including ability to identify non-traditional means for accomplishing employee development, i.e., mentoring, details, special work assignments, continuing education, special projects and outreach work.


I.Basics of Human Resource Management

A. Personnel administrative procedures
1. Recruiting and hiring
2. Discipline and adverse actions
3. Merit Promotion Plan
4. Fair Labor Standards Act

B. Employee Assistance
C. Employee/Team Development
1. Career counseling
2. Training
3. Interpersonal Skills

D. Sexual/Cultural Harassment
E. Reward Programs
F. Safety and Health

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Knowledge of basic administrative practices

Ability to provide access to employees for employee assistance programs

Knowledge of the sources for employee development information

Knowledge of sexual/cultural harassment and how to prevent it from occurring within the work group by being sensitive to cultural diversity, race, gender and other individual differences

Knowledge of reward programs and techniques

Knowledge of appropriate interpersonal skills necessary

to consider and respond to needs, feelings and capabilities of others and provide honest feedback.


I.Advanced Human Resource Management

A. Position Management
1. Analyzing organization
2. Developing Position Descriptions
3. Writing KSAs
4. Classifying position
5. Compiling a certificate
6. Paneling a certificate
7. Recruiting for diversity

B. Grievances and Appeals
C. Personnel management
1. Incentive awards
2. Health and Life Insurance
3. Retirement
4. Dealing with poor performers

D. Employee/team development
1. Career counseling
2. Training

E. Family Work/Life
1. Safety and Health
2. Appropriate balance of quality/quantity
3. Dual Career program

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Ability to perform position management analysis

Skill in informing and teaching employees about incentive awards, health and life insurance, retirement, etc.

Ability to work through the grievance process but, most importantly, avoid the process by always treating people fairly and equitably

Skill in mentoring, developing, and sponsoring employees' careers

Skill in promoting a work environment supportive of individual and family health

Ability to manage for work force diversity

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Essential Competencies

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