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Essential Competencies

Description: Current procedures for budget programming and execution. Effect of Federal Financial System on implementation of budget. Managers' responsibilities in the preparation and tracking of budget as well as accountability for funding sources.


I.Financial Management

1. Budget Programming and Execution
2. Budget Tracking
3. Requisitioning

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Knowledge of the budget process including formulation and budget forms

Knowledge of budget tracking

Ability to requisition


I.Financial Management

1. Use of computers

II.Acquisition Management

1. Contracting Process
2. Preparing acquisition plan
3. Role of manager, contracting officer, COTR and contractor
4. Profit motive
5. Contract specifications

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Knowledge of and ability to use computers in the financial process

Ability to track budget

Knowledge of contracting process, profit motive and NPS 20

Ability to prepare contract specifications/statements of work

Knowledge of role of manager, contracting officer, COTR and contractor


I.Acquisition Management

1. Role and responsibility of park in contracting process
2. Relationship with contracting function
3. Contracting/In-house projects
4. Budget Changes/Legislation

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Ability to guide a park staff through the contracting process and completion of a project

Ability to work cooperatively with the contracting function

Skill in determining whether or not projects are best accomplished through contracting or in-house

Ability to adjust and plan park programming due to budget increases/decreases

Ability to understand and deal with congressional constituents and the legislative process as it relates to NPS financial management

National Park Service
Training and Development Division
Essential Competencies

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