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Essential Competencies

Description: Introduction to the opportunities and challenges of creating diversity in the work force. Ability to evaluate and assess agency performance. Orientation to cultural stereotypes and paradigms that people subscribe to; sensitivity, awareness, knowledge of barriers to effective understanding; applying knowledge of diversity in assembling effective work groups.


I.Maintaining a Diverse Work Force

1. Perspective on workforce diversity and demographics
2. Understanding cultural stereotypes and paradigms
3. Understanding employees with disabilities

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Ability to track changing demographics locally and evaluate against national trends; and assess the park/unit profile

Knowledge of cultural stereotypes and paradigms that people bring to the work place

Knowledge of role in efforts to establish and maintain diversity and support employees with disabilities at local unit and in the NPS


I.Managing a Diverse Work Force

1. Assembling effective work groups w/diverse representation
2. Recognizing outside perceptions of NPS multi-ethnic work force
3. Evaluating and affecting unit and agency performance in meeting organizational goals
4. Guiding employees through the process of understanding and promoting diversity

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Knowledge of techniques for recruiting and hiring employees who represent the diversity of society

Ability to lead, mentor and guide others to appreciate, understand and promote diversity

Ability to evaluate and affect unit and agency performance to promote and achieve workforce diversity

Ability to assemble effective work groups with diverse representation and provide an environment of fairness within which all members can excel as individuals

National Park Service
Training and Development Division
Essential Competencies

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