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Essential Competencies

Description: Making effective decisions based on appropriate analysis. Role of problem solving in decision making, with emphasis on risk management. Focus on case studies and role playing.


I.Decision Making and Risk Management

1. Problem solving
2. Decision making and risk analysis

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Knowledge of problem solving process steps: analysis, definition, information collection, alternatives development

Knowledge of decision making process based on problem solving techniques

Knowledge of constraints/factors that influence both processes


I.Decision Making and Risk Management

1. Applied problem solving
2. Applied decision making
3. Risk management
4. Influencing Agents

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Ability to demonstrate and use problem solving techniques to effectively mitigate a situation

Knowledge of risk management philosophy

Ability to make decisions, assess a situation and take appropriate risk

Ability to analyze influencing agents and recognize effect on decision making and risk management


I.Decision Making and Risk Management

1. Problem Solving Process
2. Decision Making Process
3. Risk Management
4. Influencing Agents
5. Persuasion and Assertiveness
6. Pressure

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Skills in leading a park/unit through the problem solving process and understanding the role of acting as a management liaison

Ability to recognize situations involving risk, and demonstrate the courage to take appropriate action

Skill in manipulating the influencing agents to meet the park's mission/desired outcome

Skill in utilizing persuasive and assertive techniques to effectively defend a position that has been taken in a risky situation

Ability to maintain one's focus, calm and stability under pressure

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Training and Development Division
Essential Competencies

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