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Essential Competencies

Description: Ability to provide quality service which meets needs of visitors and to develop and carry out opportunities for visitors to participate as stewards in park activities.


I.Visitor (Client) Service

1. Visitor Service Principles

2. Advocacy for quality service

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Knowledge of visitor service principles

Ability to advocate principles and train others in applying them to job duties


I.Visitor (Client) Service

A. Stewardship
B. Needs Assessment
C. Program Management
D. Strategic Planning and Organizational Impact

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Skill and ability in developing and carrying out opportunities for visitors to participate as stewards in unit activities

Skill in needs assessment for the unit

Ability to manage a program of quality visitor service to meet the needs of diverse clientele

Skill and ability in evaluating quality of service to achieve desired end-products

Ability to measure effectiveness of service programs in meeting organizational objectives

National Park Service
Training and Development Division
Essential Competencies

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