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Essential Competencies

Description: Training and expertise in establishing oneself as an agency representative in diverse communities, handling positive and negative perceptions/attitudes, seeking out neighbors as partners, fostering cooperation and effective media relations, and creating understanding and support for NPS mission and activities.


I.Community Building

1. Public/private partnerships
2. Agency representation
3. External programs

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Knowledge of non-NPS partners with whom operating units collaborate; supported by case studies

Knowledge of techniques in establishing oneself as an agency representative in the community

Knowledge of methods used to measure effectiveness of community building

Knowledge of the interface between NPS external programs and NPS units


I.Community Involvement

1. Public Involvement
2. Media Relations
3. Controversy

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Skill in coordinating with neighbors, partnering agencies, and NPS external programs to accomplish projects compatible with park objectives

Skill in using research, data gathering, and communication in the public involvement process to accomplish the park's mission and goals

Ability to effectively deal with media in community building: respond to pressure, direct questions and advocate certain positions

Knowledge of characteristics of controversial situations, how to recognize them and guide staff through controversy


I.Community Building

1. Controversy
2. Establishing Parameters
3. Media Relations

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Skill and ability in handling complex, controversial situations towards desired outcome for the National Park Service

Ability to guide park and disparate community groups through an extended project or process and obtain positive results for the park

Ability to effectively deal with the media and foster/establish the media as positive partners in community building

National Park Service
Training and Development Division
Essential Competencies

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