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Essential Competencies


Description: This competency includes the ability to provide basic project supervision, construction management services, and application of basic professional design knowledge of entry level complexity.

I. Technical Skills

Basic familiarity with equipment, materials, and workmanship requirements:

A. Architectural construction methods
B. Preservation/compliance
C. Landscape preservation materials/processes
(working knowledge)
D. Basic surveying techniques/equipment/computations
E. Basic construction cost estimating
F. Construction management - record keeping/quantity control/inspection & acceptance/constr monitoring eqpmt
G. Codes
H. Reading/writing/interpretation of specifications
I. Computer skills - WP/spreadsheet/project mgt
J. Sustainable practices
K. Technical reporting

II. Communication Skills

A. Mediation/negotiation skills
B. Team building
C. Partnership development
D. Technical writing
E. Presentation skills
F. Dispute resolution

III. Safety/OSHA

A. OSHA regulations/510
B. HAZMAT recognition/mitigation
C. Nuclear safety/nuclear testing equipment
D. NPS 65 explosives use/blasting inspector certification

IV. Contract Administration

A. Basic contract law - FAR/gen & special prov, etc.
B. Theory of negotiations
C. Reading/comprehension of contract drawings
D. Project Supervisors Guideline
E. Contract correspondence/mods/documentation

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Possession of at a minimum a bachelors degree or equivalent qualifying experience in: civil, electrical, mechanical, architectural engineering, architecture, or landscape architecture

Ability to apply basic professional knowledge to design of entry level complexity and construction management

Ability to perform on-site design services, interpret drawings, specs, codes, standards, regulatory requirements, and carry out field engineering work

Knowledge of contract administration as it relates to construction supervision to administer contract once awarded

Knowledge of special requirements of the contract such as safety, EEO, labor standards, park rules/regulations to ensure contractor compliance

Ability to review project work performed by other engineers; ability to assist higher graded engineers in reviewing quantities, costs, accuracy of specs, completeness, constructability, and to coordinate with other professions

Knowledge of branch/division/organizational policies and regulations such as work assignments, training programs, vehicle use/assignment, and travel policies/regulations

Ability to deal/communicate effectively with others

Ability to hold and maintain valid state drivers license in required categories necessary to operate government vehicles and equipment assigned. Physical ability to work in construction environment


Description: This competency includes the ability to provide intermediate level project supervision and design services including work as an independent project supervisor on small to medium projects with supervision of one or two subordinate employees.

I. Technical Skills

Working knowledge of materials/processes/workmanship requirements for all items listed under entry level, plus:

A. Landscape preservation materials/processes
(working knowledge)
B. Concrete composition/processing/construction/characteristics
C. Asphalt materials composition/construction processes/characteristics
D. Engineering soils composition/characteristics; construction requirements for foundation/sitework/roadways
E. Surveying techniques/equipment/computations
F. Construction cost estimating & associated computer software applications
G. Computer skills: construction & adv scheduling/mgt software, basic CADD
H. Mechanical equipment/materials (basic only)
I. Electrical equipment/materials (basic only)

II. Communication Skills

A. Mediation/negotiation/arbitration
B. Team building
C. Partnership development
D. Presentation skills
E. Dispute resolution

III. Safety/OSHA

A. OSHA update
B. HAZMAT recognition/mitigation - specialized projects
C. Nuclear safety update/testing equip D. NPS 65 explosives update/blasting inspector recert

IV. Contract Administration

A. Contract Law - liability/dispute resolution/claims
B. Complex materials/methods in specs and contracts; preparation of contract specs
C. Contract negotiation skills
D. Preparation/negotiation of routine mods/SBA 8a contracts E. Field contract admin/small to medium size projects
F. Professional service contracts/small purchases/acctg

V. Leadership/Management

A. Program/budget formulation
B. Project management
C. Creative problem solving

VI. NPS Management

A. Funding/budgeting; line-item construction plans
B. Program development/appropriations/budgeting processes/NPS project development procedures
C. Field office mgt/supervision
D. Design processes/NPS 70
E. Planning processes
F. Legislative process

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

All entry level KSAs, plus:

Ability to apply principles/theories of engineering to various construction trades to identify problems and deficiencies

Ability to determine, implement, direct corrective action at field level

Skill and ability to represent the government's interest during negotiations, to monitor costs, handle potential claims, change orders, time extensions and other problems

Ability to technically supervise others doing similar work, those providing special services-testing, inspections, clerical staff, as well as supervising the contract work itself or that of day labor personnel

Ability to accomplish design and construction changes during progress of the construction contract (including specifica-tion and cost estimates) for the purpose of preparing contract mods. For design situations not within incumbent's level or knowledge, seeks assistance and guidance

Knowledge of NPS explosives use policy and certification as an NPS blasting inspector. Must be knowledgeable of NPS Nuclear Safety Policy and its requirements for use of a nuclear densimeter on the project

Ability to make project presentations to upper management

Ability to coordinate w/variety of clientele; ability to use partnering techniques in construction contract management


Project Supervision Services:

Description: This competency includes the ability to provide comprehensive construction management services as well as design/redesign services as required on major and complex projects.

In-depth knowledge of items listed under developmental level, plus:

I. Technical Skills

A. Skills in design or construction in employee's area of expertise
B. Design of major complex facilities (working knowledge)
C. Mgt of multiple construction projects involving several disciplines
D. In-depth knowledge of materials/processes/workmanship requirements

II. Communication Skills

A. Adv mediation/negotiation/arbitration
B. Team building
C. Partnership Development
D. Adv dispute resolution

III. Safety/OSHA

A. Comprehensive knowledge of OSHA regs/awareness of regulatory changes
B. HAZMAT recognition/mitigation
C. Nuclear safety
D. NPS 65 explosives/blasting recertification
E. Policy development/revision

IV. Contract Administration

A. Contract Law - appeals/expert witness tng
B. Mod and SBA 8(a) contracts - large/complex
C. Field contract administration/medium to large projects

D. Consultation/technical witness skills

V. Leadership/Management

A. Program/budget formulation
B. Project management

VI. NPS Management

A. Funding/budgeting process
B. Program development/appropriations/budgeting processes/NPS project development procedures
C. Mgt/supervision of unit or field office, construction branch or section program
D. Training program development

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities

All entry and developmental level KSAs, plus:

Knowledge of state-of-the-art technical skills in materials/methods for all applicable engineering, architectural, and construction trades

Knowledge of design processes/methods and ability to contribute to the design of a major project

Ability to manage contract administration and construction for a total development which could include a major building such as a complex visitor center, water or waste water treatment plants with a variety of complex mechanical, electrical, intrusion alarm, and fire suppression systems, access roads and parking areas, utility systems, on-site electrical generation, marina development, pedestrian and vehicular bridge construction, major historic restoration, and all associated site work

Ability to lead or take substantive part in management discussions with central office and field staff and outside agencies in the development of programs, procedures, or policy

National Park Service
Training and Development Division
Essential Competencies

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