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Program Manager interacts with higher management to determine how HRD program can best support the organization's strategic plan; plans, controls and manages the various HRD functions; provides feedback to management on evaluation data and recommends program changes. The competencies needed are:

A. Plans, Controls and Manages the HRD Function

1. Participates in and contributes to the organization's strategic planning process.
2. Plans the HRD program (short and long range) to help meet strategic goals.
3. Establishes measurable goals and timelines for the program.
4. Determines resources required to meet the program objectives.
5. Develops the budget requirements for HRD program, adjusts as necessary to meet objectives.
6. Develops policy guidelines which comply with Federal regulations and agency policies and culture.
7. Establishes and maintains good communications links with organization's management.
8. Identifies contracting requirements for HRD program.
9. Develops an appropriate program evaluation strategy, including improvement measures and return on investment.
10. Follows through on recommendations resulting from evaluations. and management's feedback.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

The knowledge, skills, abilities and competencies listed below are taken from OPM's Roles and Competencies of the Human Resource Development Specialist in the Federal Government published in 1992:

Knowledge of major components, key personnel and mission responsibilities of the National Park Service

Knowledge of the principles and practices of adult learning.

Knowledge of instructional design systems

Knowledge of HRD and related (personnel administration, procurement, records management, etc.) policies and procedures within the Federal government.

Knowledge of ethical principles in HRD.

Knowledge of the principles and practices of organizational behavior.

Skill in gathering and analyzing information.

Skill in managing databases.

Skill in using group processes.

Ability to analyze problems and develop solutions.

Ability to establish rapport and credibility among organization's management and employee.

Ability to interact effectively with individuals of diverse backgrounds.

Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing.

Ability to plan, organize and administer HRD programs.

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Essential Competencies

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