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Essential Competencies


I. Closely supervised, limited plant operation

A. Assist Operator
1. Follow Scheduling
2. Learn facility layout
3. Collect water samples

B. Learn Basic Plant Operation
1. Basic interpretation of state and federal regulations and reporting requirements
2. Learn basic use of equipment
3. Closely supervised system monitoring

C. Helper Responsibilities
1. Gather materials
2. Cleanup & Equipment Care
3. Safety Considerations

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Knowledge of:

3 R's
Care of tools and equipment
Safe working practices

Skill in:

Demonstrated learning skill
Demonstrated mechanical skill

Ability to:

Follow instructions
Learn plant layout and operation
Learn chemical relationship
Learn and apply regulations


All Competencies at the Entry Level, plus:

I. Full operation of plant where treatment is confined to a few simple steps or non-filtration

A. Monitor and adjust any part of the system
1. Follow specific instructions
2. Check plant equipment
3. Perform basic water sampling tests
4. Mix and add small variety of chemicals
5. Compile data into reports

B. Maintain facility
1. Perform routine maintenance
2. Clean and paint equipment and pipes
3. Assist higher level operators on minor equipment repairs

C. Developmental level responsibilities
1. Compliance with regulations
2. Proper plant operation
3. Safety Considerations

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Knowledge of:

State and Federal Regulations
Full simple plant operation
Chemical relationships

Skill in:

Reading meters, gauges and charts
Performing simple treatment processes
Performing routine maintenance

Ability to:

Gather and record data
Prepare reports


All Competencies at the Entry and Developmental Levels, plus:

I. Full filtration plant operation

A. Monitor and adjust any part of the system
1. Develop and implement schedule
2. Test and treat incoming water
3. Mix and add wide variety of chemicals and compounds
4.Perform microbiological tests on outgoing water

B. Maintain facility
1. Check and adjust equipment

2.Perform maintenance and minor repair to equipment

C. Lead Responsibilities
1. Meet State and Federal regulations
2. Final reports to State and Federal agencies
3. Lead lower graded employees

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Thorough knowledge of:

Water treatment and filtration processes
Effects of all individual and combined chemicals and compounds
State and Federal Regulations
Working knowledge of various microbiological organisms

Skill in:

Measuring and introducing chemicals and compounds
Microbiological testing
Operation of treatment equipment

Ability to:

Determine type and amounts of chemicals and compounds to add
Prepare final reports

National Park Service
Training and Development Division
Essential Competencies

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