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Essential Competencies


Description: This competency identifies the knowledge and skills required to perform Wood Crafter basic helper duties; following scheduling requirements and manufacturer's guidelines; and by using trouble-shooting techniques and proper tool care.

I.Project accomplishment for minor construction and repairs

A.Assist full level Wood Crafter
1. Follow Scheduling
2. Basic interpretation of blueprints and drawings
3. Uses of basic materials, techniques
4.Closely supervised materials takeoffs

B. Setup and operation of basic tools and equipment
1. Setup to within maximum tolerances
2.Basic joining techniques where close tolerances are not a factor

C. Helper Responsibilities
1. Gather materials
2. Cleanup & Tool Care
3. Safety Considerations

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Ability to:

Follow instructions
Schedule small projects
Learn basic drawing symbols
Learn basic carpentry techniques
Learn types and characteristics of building materials
Learn advanced math

Knowledge of:

Basic shop math
Care of tools and equipment
Safe working practices

Skilled in:

Use of common hand and power tools
Demonstrated mechanical skill


Description: This competency identifies the knowledge and skills required to perform making and repairing standard to higher grade wood items; cyclic preventive maintenance on a selected array of machinery and equipment; proper tool use and care.

All Competencies at the Entry Level, plus:

I.Project accomplishment from initial layout to completion of standard repair and construction projects

A.Work from sketches, work orders and basic blueprints
1.Develop and implement schedule; follow specific instructions
2.Select general appropriate materials
3. Materials takeoff

B.Steup and operate standard tools and equipment
1.Work to allowable tolerance limits to produce a serviceable product
2.Assemble items with standard joining techniques

C.Developmental level responsibilities
1.Independent performance of standard construction and repairs
2.Safety Considerations

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Knowledge of:

General wood crafting techniques
Materials strengths and applications
Bonding materials
Standard shop math

Skilled in:

Using measuring tapes, squares, levels and other carpentry tools to plan, lay out, measure, cut, construct and install materials to specification
Use and operaton of hand and power tools such as planes, routers, fasteners, screw guns, power saws, sanders and planes

Ability to:

Read complete blueprints, construction drawings
Apply standard measurements, specifications and instructions
Schedule projects
Select appropriate materials


Description: This competency identifies the knowledge and skills required to perform making and repairing high grade wood items; shaping and contouring surfaces; precise intricate joining and decorating; skilled use of the full range of wood working tools, techniques and machines.

All Competencies at the Entry and Developmental Levels, plus:

I.Project accomplishment, from initial layout to completion of complex repair and construction

A.Interpret complex blueprints, drawings and specifications; determine layout and work sequence
1. Develop and implement schedule
2.Select specific appropriate materials
3. Materials takeoff

B.Setup and operate a wide variety of woodworking tools and machines
1. Work to fine tolerance and fit
2.Assemble items with a wide variety of joining techniques

C.Lead Responsibilities
1.Lead accomplishment of project
2. Safety Considerations
3. Instruct others

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Thorough Knowledge of:

Advanced math
Properties and characteristics of woods, plywoods, veneers and substitute materials including appearance, grain, porosity, luster, tendency to warp, strength, durability, hardness, and their resistance to moisture, vapors and chemicals
Machining properties of wood
Advanced shop mathematics to compute and lay out arcs, tangents and circles

Skilled in:

The setup and operation of precision carpentry and wood working tools and equipment including table saws, drill presses, routers, joiners, shavers, mortisers, tenoners and lathes.
Devising fixtures, templates and jigs.

Ability to:

Make a wide variety of wooden items of unique and intricate shape with interlocking parts of precise fit.
Interpret complex blueprints and instructions.
Select or recommend use of materials for strength, durability, fit, match and appearance.
Cut precision bevels, rabbets, chamfers, grooves and compound miter joints.

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Essential Competencies

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