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Essential Competencies


Description: At the entry level work is generally repetitive, and incumbent works under the guidance and direction of a supervisor or high graded worker. General instructions for repetitive task are provided with written and/or specific oral instructions given to carry out new procedures or task.

I.Materials Handling

A.Follow oral and written instructions.
B.Stock, move, arrange, and rotate items weighing up to 40 pounds by hand.
C.Operate handtrucks, dollies, platform lifts and other mechanical and electric lift equipment for loads exceeding 40 pounds.
D.Incidentally operate forklift, warehouse tractor, or tug under direct supervision to move warehouse stock.
E.Utilize automated material identification equipment such as bar code wands, computer terminals, laser scanners, etc.
F.Use of common handtools such as hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, etc.
G.Receive, ship, store and issue, bin and bulk supplies, materials, and equipment.
H.Prepares required documents for inventory management and control.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Ability to handle weights up to 40 pounds, and work in uncomfortable physical positions, and on hard surfaces.

Basic knowledge of general warehouse layout, item identification, warehouse procedures, and storage areas in order to pull stock and materials in accordance with standard procedures.

Ability to prepare and complete forms relating to stock description, quantity, unit of issue, and labeling for incoming and outgoing supplies, materials, and equipment.

Knowledge of basic computer operations and related hardware, and the ability to learn software programs related to warehouse operations.

Skill and ability to operate manual dollies, manual platform lifts, pallet jacks, hand trucks, and handtools used in warehouse operations.

Ability to identify obvious damage to equipment and materials through visual inspection.

Ability to stock, move, arrange and rotate warehouse items in accordance with standard operating procedures, and/or guidance from supervisor or higher graded worker.


Description: At the developmental level, incumbent should posses all competencies at the entry level. At this work level, work is performed independently with general work instructions provide on more difficult assignments. Work is reviewed periodically for compliance of methods, procedures and techniques. Incumbent may be responsible for a designated area within a warehouse operation.

I. Materials Handling

A.Routinely loads and unloads materials from trucks and other material conveyances using a forklift.
B.Prepares and processes a variety of documents related to shipping, acquisition, and inventory of supplies, materials, and equipment.
C.Routinely operates warehouse tractors, tugs and trucks.
D.Works in hazardous materials storage areas with hazardous materials.
E.Operates micro and main frame computers and related hardware for management of warehouse inventories.
F.Assist in the development of warehouse plans involving storage and arrangement of stock, space utilizations, materials protection and security.
G.In hazardous material storage areas, insures safe receipt, storage, and movement of hazardous or toxic substances such as chemicals and adheres to regulatory handling and storage requirements.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Specialized knowledge of warehouse plans, methods, procedures, and techniques of materials handling.

Ability to operate mechanized equipment including utility vehicles, standard size forklifts (up to 6000 lbs capacity), high rise automated storage equipment, etc in narrow, and constricted warehouse aisles.

Knowledge of and ability to operate micro-computers, related hardware and software designed for warehouse use.

Skill in stacking, moving, arranging items on pallets, and must consider height, weight and special handling requirements.

Knowledge and skill required for the safe handling, storage and movement of materials handled.

Maintain state motor vehicles operator permit in proper classification as required by position.


Description: At full performance, the incumbent should posses the competencies identified at both the entry and developmental level plus exercise full responsibility for park warehouse operations. The incumbent may supervise lower graded or equally graded employees in park or regional warehouse operations.

I. Materials Handling

A.Develop plans for storage and arrangement of stock which determine setup, movement, rearrangement and traffic flow.
B.Serve as project leader on materials management task force involving the conversion of manual to automated systems, setting up new storage areas, etc.
C.Coordinate incoming and outgoing shipments and placement of materials scheduling employees to facilitate the movement of warehouse items.
D.Instruct other workers in computer usage, and related hardware and software operations for management of the warehouse items.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

In-depth knowledge of warehouse planning, documentation requirements, and accepted warehouse methods, procedure, and techniques.

Ability to layout storage space and establish item and materials location.

Ability to determine sequences for loading and unloading shipments for maximum space utilization, safety,and damage protection.

Ability to operate and instruct others in the operation of material moving equipment and vehicles inside the warehouse and forklift and related vehicles in outside holding areas on unpaved, unimproved, or difficult terrain.

Knowledge of specialized material handling, storing and safety procedures required to meet regulatory requirements and policies.

Thorough knowledge of the physical distribution of a warehouse such as materials receiving, issuing, and preservation.

Working knowledge of micro-computers and/or main frame computer work stations, related hardware and software related to warehouse management.

Ability to supervise.

National Park Service
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Essential Competencies

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