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Essential Competencies


Description: These competencies identify the knowledge, skills and abilities required to perform basic painting and coating techniques, used in the maintenance of buildings and furnishings. Work is performed under close supervision and with assistance from higher graded workers and/or supervisor.

I. Proper operation and safe use of tools and equipment.

A. Hand tools - bushes, rollers, mixers, spray equipment, plaster & patching trowels, sanders, ladders, etc.

II. Proper preparation of surfaces to be painted.

A. Sanding, scraping, and cleaning.
B. Patching of walls, caulking of dissimilar joints and areas of windows, doors, trim, etc.

III. Develop dexterity and skill in "cutting in", brushing, and rolling on coatings to insure proper coverage without drips, sags, and runs.

IV. Knowledge of types of paints and coatings.

A. Latex
B. Oil and Enamel
C. Stains
D. Primers
E. Patching compounds


Description: These competencies identify the knowledge, skills and abilities required to progress to the full performance level. Incumbent must have successfully demonstrated entry level skills and be able to work without close supervision.

I. Work accomplished by standard and special finishing techniques.

A.Special techniques include mixing colors, tinting, toning and blending to match an existing painted/colored surface using the proper type of paint, such as latex or oil base paint or stains.
B.Coatings to match existing texture, color, decorative, thickness.
C.Performance at this level includes refinishing or refurbishing such items as furniture, hand painted signs, etc.


Description: These competencies include all the above and requires additional knowledge, skills and abilities with little or no supervision, once an assignment has been given.

I. Work at this level includes refinishing and restoration processes for the maintenance of sensitive items and historical artifacts and furnishings.

A.Detailed or additional training by NPS conservation specialists, ie., Harpers Ferry Center.
B.Also trained in the use and application process of highly technical coating applications such the use of air brush, and/or electro-static flow methods.
C.Demonstrates the safe and proper application process of epoxy and poly-resin products.
D. Advanced design and painting of signs.
E.At the journeymen level, trains others or is mentor to lesser skilled individual.

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Essential Competencies

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