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Essential Competencies


Description: This competency identifies the knowledge and skills required to perform helper duties; identifying and properly using tools, equipment and material; basic blue print reading and work layout; basic practical experience.

I. Assisting full level mason(s) in project accomplishments for construction and repairs.

A. Assist full level mason(s)
1. Follows scheduling and appropriate trade sequences.
2. Identify and properly use tools, equipment and materials associated with the project.
3. Prepares work area for material handling and stocking for use by mason.
4. Mixes mortar, builds scaffolding, measures and cuts brick, block or tile.
5. Strikes joints and brushes finished work.
6. Cleans finished work, and project site.

B. Closely Supervised Project Planning and Layout
1. Basic blueprint reading.
2. Compile simple material estimates and quantities.
3. Assist in building/project layout.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Ability to:

Follow instructions
Learn to read simple drawings and basic blueprints.
Learn basic masonry skills.
Learn the types of material, tools, equipment of the trade and how they are used.

Knowledge of:

Basic math.
Safe working practices.
Care of tools and equipment

Skilled in:

Demonstrating manual dexterity.
Use of common hand tools and construction type equipment.


Description: This competency identifies the knowledge, skills and abilities required to perform standard masonry construction and repair, with a concentration in advanced blueprint reading, building layout, and laying brick, block, and stone.

All Competencies at the Entry Level, plus:

I.Project accomplishment from initial layout to completion of standard construction projects and masonry repair. Incumbent will work with general supervision.

A.Work from sketches, oral or written work orders, and blueprints.
1. Develop and implement schedule of work.
2. Select and estimate material quantities.
3. Review plans for interface with other trades.

B.Layout of project or building.
1. Layout footers, foundations, and walls.
2. Squaring corners, and layout elevations of work.
3. Bonding masonry units for height and length.

C.Practical (Hands-on) Experience
1. Laying brick and block to the line.
2. Constructing masonry corners.
3. Laying various brick and stone bonding patterns

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Knowledge of:

1. General masonry techniques.
2. Standard math.
3. Various mortar strengths and appropriate uses.
4. Various types of masonry building materials.

Skilled in:

1.Use of trowels, levels, transit and/or sight level, and other masonry hand and powered tools and equipment.
2.Use of measuring tapes, rules, squares used to layout and install materials to specifications.

Ability to:

1. Read and interpret drawings, blueprints and construction drawings and apply standard measurements, specifications and instructions.
2. Layout foundations, footers and wall lines accurately, squarely and within tolerances.
3. Lay brick, block, stone, tile and other masonry, true to the line, level and plumb.
4. Select proper material and estimate quantities.


Description: This competency identifies the knowledge and skills required to perform complex masonry construction and repair; skilled use of the full range of masonry tools and techniques, including treatment to historical structures.

All Competencies at the Entry and Developmental Levels, plus:

I.Project accomplishment from initial estimating project, layout to completion of complex construction or repair.

A.Interpret complex blueprints, drawings, and specifications; determine layout and work sequence; and, estimate materials.
1. Develop and implement schedules.
2. Select specific appropriate materials.
3. Estimate material quantities.
4. Layout complex projects and buildings with proper elevations and grades.

B. Lead Responsibilities
1. Lead accomplishment of project.
2.Train others to perform and learn competencies of the trade.
3. Safety Considerations.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Thorough Knowledge of:

1. Advanced masonry techniques and construction.
2. Advanced layout procedures for masonry steps, arches, fireplace construction, cutting of stone for corners and jambs, bonding patterns, serpentine walls, etc.
3. Treatment of Historical Masonry construction.

Skilled in:

1. Complex masonry techniques and construction practices.

Ability to:

1. Interpret complex blueprints, drawings, and specifications.
2. Construct masonry steps, arches, fireplaces, serpentine walls; install stone coping, etc.
3. Cut and lay various types of building stone, such as marble, slate, granite.

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Essential Competencies

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