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Essential Competencies

Introduction: This position may work in a wide variety of situations, including road maintenance, trail maintenance, grounds maintenance, warehouse maintenance, railroad maintenance, etc. These competencies primarily require physical abilities and effort in doing laborer duties, and involve little or no specialized skill.


Description: Work is comprised of simple and sometime repetitive manual task which require no training or experience. Specific instructions are given for each assigned task.

I.Materials Handling

A.Lift and carry loads up to 45 pounds.
B.Use of dollies, hand trucks, wheelbarrows to move loads on level terrain.

II. Manual Labor

A. Follow written and oral directions from supervisor.
B.Use of simple handtools necessary to perform simple task such as pickup trash, empty litter containers, rake leaves, water grass and trees, pull weeds, remove grease and dirt from handtools, etc.
C.Ability to follow manufacturer or supervisor direction when using or mixing chemicals.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Ability to read simple signs and instructions, and follow oral instruction.

Ability to use simple handtools such as rakes, shovels, brooms, hoes, etc.

Ability to lift and move medium weight objects 10 to 30 pounds and on occasion up to 45 pounds.

Ability to move around well enough to perform the duties of the position safely.

Ability to stand for long periods of time on a variety of surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, turf, etc.


Description: Includes all entry level competencies plus greater physical effort and the use of more commonly used handtools and simple power equipment. Specific oral instruction is given on what to do and when to do it. However after assignment is given, employee is expected to perform the task or tasks assigned independently.

I. Materials Handling

A.Lift and carry loads up to 50 pounds.
B.Push and/or pull heavy, bulky loads.

II. Manual Labor

A.Operate hand and powered lawn mower (walking type).
B.Use of common handtools (shovel, pick, rake, pulaski, tamping bar, etc.) to perform more labor intense task such as digging holes, trenching, removing snow, moving materials such as dirt, asphalt, gravel, etc. where leveling and sloping are not required.
C.Use of Axes, hatchet, machete, handsaw, loppers, pruning shears, etc. to prune limbs and remove vegetation.
D.Use of power washer, hand vacuum, and hand buffer to clean vehicles and equipment.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Manual skill necessary to safely operate and maintain equipment such as lawn mowers, hand buffers and common hand tools such as the axe, shovel, hatchet, hand tamper, etc.

Ability to independently carry out set of written and/or oral instructions.

Ability to lift and carry moderately heavy weights of 40 pounds frequently, and on occasion, up to 50 pounds.

Ability to push and pull heavy loads including furniture.

Must be able to work in a variety of conditions such as drafty and dusty buildings, and moderately cold and hot temperatures.


Description: Includes all competencies at the entry and developmental level plus a greater degree of physical effort and skill to operate tools and equipment, and maneuver heavy objects. Completes work after receiving oral and written direction. Direction given is not detailed information on how to complete assignments. Incumbent will excise judgement in accomplishing assignments.

I.Material Handling

A.Lift and carry loads that frequently exceed 50 pounds.
B.Safely handle heavy loads of dirt, cement, asphalt, etc. using a wheelbarrow on grades and sloped terrain.

II. Manual Labor

A.Uses electric and gas powered jackhammers, poinjars, lawn mowers (commercial walk type), chainsaws, weed trimmers and other powered equipment required to perform routine roads, grounds and trail maintenance.
B.Mixes, pours, fills, and levels holes including road pot holes with dirt, gravel, cement, asphalt, etc.
C.Performs preventative maintenance on mowers, chainsaws, poinjars, and other small engines. Performs such task as adjusting blades, adding and changing oil, sharpening blades/chains, etc.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Ablity to follow written and oral direction involving multiple task assignments.

Ability to perform preventative maintenance on small gas powered engines used in powered equipment.

Knowledge of common materials used in road, trails and grounds maintenance.

Ability to frequently lift 50 pounds and to push/pull heavy loads using wheelbarrows on sloping terrain.

Ability to work outdoors in all types of inclement weather including extreme heat and cold, dusty, wet or arid climates, etc.

National Park Service
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Essential Competencies

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