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Essential Competencies

Description: This competency identifies the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform landscape preservation maintenance and treatment of cultural landscapes.

Essential Competencies

I. Preservation Laws, Philosophy, and Practice

II. Preservation Skills

III. Journeyman-level Craft Skills

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Preservation Philosophy:

1. Basic knowledge of the origins, theories, principles, laws, practices and techniques of historic preservation, particularly as they apply to the preservation of cultural landscapes and the ability to interpret these policies and practices and apply them to the definition and execution of preservation projects.

2. Ability to identify, locate and access sources of additional information and expertise related to historic landscape management, preservation horticulture, landscape preservation and related disciplines.

3. Basic knowledge of Federal cultural resource preservation legislation, policies, guidelines, standards and procedures, particularly the Secretary of the Interior's Standards and Guidelines and NPS-28.

4. Knowledge of compliance laws, regulations and procedures and the ability to assist with conducting compliance procedures (Section 106 documentation).

Preservation Skills:

Skill to determine contemporary and period design, materials and maintenance practices as they effect the integrity of historic resources. Ability to protect and preserve historic fabric and resources to minimize damage, deterioration and/or alteration.

Ability to carry out treatment and maintenance of cultural landscapes in a manner which protects bother cultural and natural resource values.

Knowledge of historic designed landscapes, gardens, plantings including vistas.

Ability to apply policies, standards, and guidelines in prescribing treatment and preservation maintenance of historic properties, particularly their application historic biotic and structural features of cultural landscapes.

Craft Skills:

Journeyman level knowledge of landscape horticulture, arboriculture, turf management, plant identification, integrated pest management and landscape construction procedures.

Ability to carry out treatment and maintenance recommendations in a manner which mitigate impacts to historic landscapes and protect both cultural and natural landscape resources.

Ability to develop, refine and implement a landscape preservation maintenance program which addresses site specific routine and cyclic maintenance issues.

Ability to develop and implement a detailed inventory and condition assessment program to regularly monitor, evaluate and identify conservation work needed on the state of landscape features

Ability to effectively accomplish field inspections, prepare condition assessment reports, plans, specifications, and cost estimates to support landscape preservation maintenance.

Knowledge of contemporary and historic woody and herbaceous landscape plants. Ability to field identify or coordinate professional assistance for taxonomic verification of plant identification.

Ability to use and maintain a wide variety of gardening tools, supplies and equipment used to maintain landscapes.

Ability to recognize materials safety, environmental or other workplace hazards and respond appropriately.

Writing and Communication

Ability to work accurately from blueprints, sketches, shop lists, and written and oral instructions to procure supplies, materials and equipment for project work.

Ability to accurately and completely document project work through photography and written narratives.

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Essential Competencies

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