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Essential Competencies

Introduction: This position serves as a staff member and technical advisor to the Park Facility Manager. Entry Level would require the individual to have a working knowledge of all the program areas which affect maintenance operations. Additionally, this position would serve as technical advisor to subordinate supervisory staff, clerical or administrative staff and other staff members.


I. Program Management

A. Compiles and Analyzes Program Data for Maintenance:
1.ONPS, Housing, Cultural, Repair/Rehab, Regular cyclic, Emergency requests, Operating Program increases (10-237's) and Construction requests (10-238's).
2. Fleet Management, Property Management, Maintenance Management Program (MMP), Inventory and Condition Assessment Program (ICAP), Energy Program, Housing Management Program, etc.

B. Prepares Data for Procurement and Contract Specs
1. Initiates/Monitors Requisitions (DI-1's) to assure that supplies are available in a timely manner.
2. Prepares or reviews plans, specifications and other technical data for contracts.
3. Serves as Project Supervisor or COTR on projects; maintains daily logs, performs regular inspections and keeps Contracting Officer advised on progress.

C. Servicewide Maintenance Management Program (MMP)
1. Performs/oversees data input and provides technical support for program management.
2. Uses MMP to analyze productivity and to document time and cost requirements for work completion.
3. Manages and updates Summary Feature Inventories, Labor, Equipment, and Materials Resources, and other Work Activity Data within MMP.

D. Inventory and Condition Assessment Program (ICAP)
1. Manages and updates park inventory (both historic and non-historic inventory features) and their conditions.
2. Conducts scheduled building inspections using ICAP and uses that information to develop workload needs and associated cost estimates.
3. Analyzes ICAP reports to help develop the work planning and work organizing requirements of the Maintenance Management Program (MMP).

E. Provides technical support for Environmental Compliance
1. Hazardous/Solid Waste Management
2. Hazmat Disposal and cleanup
3. Underground/Above Ground Storage Tanks
4. NPS/State/Local program compliance

F. Cultural Resource Management
1. Prepares scope of work statements for 106 and XXX clearance for historic restoration or rehabilitation.
2. Maintains documentation on all work performed on cultural resources.


Includes all the above mentioned ECM's for the Entry Level. The Intermediate Level often involves working with a larger support staff, larger budgets, and more complex program areas. In addition, it may also include supervision of 1 or 2 subordinate employees. It may also require representing the Chief of Maintenance at meetings, conferences, training sessions, etc.


Includes all the factors mentioned at the Entry and Intermediate levels. Full Performance Level often involves a larger maintenance operation with more budget and FTE's than the Intermediate Level. It may also include supervision of a subordinate staff of three or more employees. It also includes acting assignments for the Chief of Maintenance during periods of his or her absence. In addition to providing technical support for many of the above mentioned program areas, this level would require providing instructions or training of other employees in the subject areas either through formal training sessions or informal instruction.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Knowledge of analysis and evaluation methods in order to identify and recommend changes if necessary in existing programs or the implementation of new programs.

Knowledge of technical data, and the ability to write specifications for park projects such as service contracts, building repairs, road maintenance, etc.

Ability to monitor, coordinate and evaluate a wide range of programs and procedures involved in operating and maintaining a variety of features such as grounds, roads, picnic areas, parking lots, trails, visitor centers, historic structures, housing units, fuel storage tanks, water and wastewater treatment facilities, electrical generation systems, etc.

A comprehensive and practical knowledge of construction and maintenance standards and techniques as they relate to the requirements and operating principles of various building and utility systems; estimating and contracting procedures.

Good knowledge of regulations, contracts, specifications and other documents for the purpose of maintaining financial and other division record systems, estimating future material and funding requirementrs and evaluating use of resources.

Knowledge of park management policies, its mission and working relationships. Knowledge and ability to implement safe work practices and the ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.

Ability to provide technical expertise and advice on short and long range planning and development programs such as the General Management Plan, Development Concept Plan, line item construction packages (10-238's), Cyclic Program, DSC and A&E contractors, etc.

Ensures integration of environmental, cultural, and operational needs in developing engineering alternatives.

Recommends changes needed to ensure integration and compatibility with existing and proposed facilities.

Knowledge of Environmental Legislation including RCRA, CERCLA, Underground Storage Tank Regulations; asbestoes, lead paint, and radon mitigation guidelines; State, County, and local Regulations.

Knowledge of OSHA Standards, Safe Drinking Water Standards, all appropriate Life Safety and Fire and Health Codes, and applicable State and local Building Codes.

Knowledge of any other appropriate laws, guidelines and initiatives affecting facilities and park operations such as the Americans With Disabilities Act, sustainable design criteria, use of alternative energy systems, use of alternative fuels for motorized equipment, energy conservation efforts, partnership associations, etc.

Knowledge of the variety of software programs which may support maintenance operations, ie. Servicewide Maintenance Management Program, ICAP, dBase III plus, Lotus, Wordperfect, etc.

Knowledge of procurement requirements including blanket purchase arrangements, solicitation of bids for goods and services, use of GSA Supply Schedules and FSS procurement documents.

Knowledge and understanding of NPS contracting requirements. Ability to act as COTR and/or Project Supervisor on service contracts, A & E contracts and/or construction or rehabilitation contracts.

National Park Service
Training and Development Division
Essential Competencies

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