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Essential Competencies


Description: This competency identifies the knowledge required to perform simple repetitive custodial services, which generally require no previous job training or work experience. Work is performed in public and government use buildings, and in campgrounds. Specific instructions are provided on what to clean and the methods to use.

I.Cleaning Materials/Supplies

A.Follow simple oral and written direction.
B.Identify surface to be cleaned
C.Aware of hazards associated with using cleaning chemicals

II.Tools and Equipment

A.Operate lightweight common power cleaning equipment (Vacuum Cleaner and attachments, scrubbers, and buffers)
B.Operate common hand cleaning tools (Broom, Mop, Squeegee, Litter Picker, Brushes, rakes, shovels, ladders, scaffolding, step stools) with no instruction required.
C.Keep tools and equipment clean and operational

III.Time Management

A.Follow a work schedule
B.Stocking of supplies and equipment needed for the job
C. Order supplies in timely manner through supervisor

IV. Miscellaneous

A.Lift and/or move lightweight objects
B.Identify need for minor repairs for higher graded employees to perform such as replacing a broken window

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Must be able to use common cleaning tools and lightweight vacuum cleaners, floor scrubbers, and buffers.

Must be able to work safely, lift and move lightweight objects.

Able to read and/or follow simple direction/signs, and follow simple oral and/or written instructions in English.


Description: Includes all entry level competencies plus the ability to perform a full range of custodial work independently, without supervision. Incumbent uses independent judgement to determine problem areas that need attention.

I. Cleaning Materials/Supplies

A.Interprets and follows manufacturer recommendation
B.Selects material/supply to achieve best results on specific surfaces to be cleaned.
C.Is familiar with hazards associated with using chemicals.
D.Identify and locate source of supply/equipment

II. Tools and Equipment

A.Selects and operates industrial type powered equipment(vacuum cleaners, floor scrubbers, carpet cleaners, floor buffers)necessary to clean a variety of floor surfaces.
B.Selects and operates appropriate non-powered equipment (broom, mop, squeegee, rakes, shovels, brushes, litter picker)
C.Cleans and puts away tools and equipment after job is complete.
D.Performs maintenance and repair on equipment such as replacing rollers, brushes, buffer and other mechanical parts.

III. Time Management

A.Schedule work time to meet schedule
B. Stocks supplies

IV. Maintenance Skills

A.Skill less than journeyman level for electrical work such as changing light bulbs/fluorescent bulbs and ballast.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Ability to handle and control heavy powered equipment and to perform minor maintenance on this equipment.

Knowledge of safety standards and techniques in order to lift, push, pull, and carry items weighing up to 50 pounds.

Ability to recognize problem areas in cleaning and sanitizing in order to use the proper cleaning agent to remove different kinds of stains on a variety of surfaces.

Ability to work from step stools, ladders, and/or scaffolds in cleaning walls and windows.

Knowledge of cleaning compounds and solvent used in the line of custodial maintenance and the ability to use chemicals and cleaning solvents in a safe manner.

Knowledge of janitorial and custodial practices and the tools and equipment used to perform those work task and the ability to perform custodial duties independently.

Ability to use hand tools to remove snow and vegetation from walkways and paths.


Description: Includes all entry and developmental level responsibilities plus the ability to perform all custodial maintenance task and less than journeyman level maintenance skills independently, and without supervision.

I. Cleaning Materials/Supplies

A.Interprets manufacturer directions and demonstrates use of products for other lower graded employees.
B.Instructs other employees in the identification of surfaces and textures and efficient product selection for the cleaning of such surfaces.
C.Instructs employees on safe work practices regarding the handling and usage of chemicals.

II. Tools and Equipment

A.Fully knowledgeable of powered equipment used in the line of custodial maintenance and is capable of demonstrating and/or training other employees in their operation.
B.Fully knowledgeable of non-powered tools and equipment used in the line of custodial maintenance and can effectively demonstrate their uses to other employees.
C.Fully knowledgeable in the care, maintenance, and repair of tools and equipment, powered and non-powered used in the line of custodial maintenance and has ability to instruct other employees in this field.

III.Time Management

A. Manages work schedule
B. Logs, picks up and stocks materials/supplies
C. Locates source and orders supplies/materials

IV. Maintenance Skills

A.Less than journeyman level for painting to sand, prime and paint bathroom partitions, wood and masonry surfaces.
B.Skill less than journeyman level for plumbing, and carpentry to perform minor repair of fixtures and replacement of fixture components.
C.Operates motor vehicle to get to job sites and maintains a state drivers license.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Skill in operating motor vehicle safely, following prescribed routes. Ability to load and arrange materials and supplies so they do not shift or fall. Must maintain a valid motor vehicle operators permit as a condition of employment.

Knowledge of safe working practices while working alone.

Knowledge of minor maintenance repairs below the level of journeyman associated to plumbing, painting, carpentry and electrical systems, and the ability to use the tools associated with them.

National Park Service
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Essential Competencies

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