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For All Maintenance Occupations


Blueprints/Schematics - Basic understanding of blueprints and schematic drawings.

Schedules - Follows and understands sequencing of actions.

Tool/Equipment, Operation & Maintenance - Understands proper use and care of tools and equipment, and their safety considerations.

Materials/Parts Related to Trade - Identification and basic understanding of materials required to perform tasks and maintain facilities.

Safety/Loss Control - Aware of hazards associated with assigned tasks and takes actions to prevent.

Reporting/Record Keeping - Ability to report, identify, and communicate repairs needed, and document work accomplished.

Vocational Math Common to Trade - Ability to calculate basic mixtures for paint, concentrated cleaning solutions, tools required, etc. to perform tasks.

Instructs Others - Not Applicable.


Blueprints/Schematics - Can work from sketches, and basic blueprints. Perform simple calculations using "Shop Math" for linear, special and volumetric measurements.

Schedules - Develop and implement schedule; follow specific instructions from maintenance manuals, manufactures guidelines, building codes or other written procedures.

Tool/Equipment Operations and Maintenance - Demonstrated ability to instruct others in the safe and proper use of equipment and tools.

Materials/Parts Related to Trade - Develop material take offs for projects, and necessary parts for equipment to accomplish tasks.

Safety/Loss Control - Ability to develop and implement documented safety plans for maintenance and repair activities according to manufacturers' bulletins, building codes, regulations and NPS guidelines.

Reporting/Record Keeping - Ability to provide written drafts of information for purposes such as: inventories, work procedures, material specifications, requisition justifications, for the operational or procurement activities of the career field.

Vocational Math Common to Trade - Perform more complex calculation involving predetermined formulas for analyzing loading or performance of systems or equipment, and calculations for estimating costs of complex activities.

Instructs Others - Provides leadership in following and implementing schedules, tool/equipment operations & maintenance, safety procedures, and reporting/record keeping.


Blueprints/Schematics - Prepares sketches, updates as-built drawings and records of repairs or replacement activities involving a specific trade.

Schedules - Ability to plan and coordinate, long and short term repair, replacement, new construction and preventive maintenance for work in a specific trade.

Tool/Equipment Operation & Maintenance - Ability to calibrate, adjust, and modify tools and equipment for safe and precise use in maintenance activities.

Material/Parts - Determines most economical materials and equipment for use in repair or replacement activities based on maintainability and life cycle.

Safety/Loss Control - Insures co-workers are implementing safety practices and works at full performance level.

Reporting/Record Keeping - Develops routine and preventive task procedures, and consults as required on new construction projects.

Vocational Math Common to Trade - Ability to prepare final technical specifications, and utilize industry standards for cost estimating to provide estimates for contracts and costs for day labor projects.

Instructs Others - Works at full performance level.

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Essential Competencies

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