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Essential Competencies

Computer Specialist:

Computer Specialists perform a variety of work related to the implementation and support of computer and communications technologies. Because of the increasing complexity of computer systems and the rapid pace with which the field is changing, most computer specialists focus on one area of computer-related work. The most common specialties are Applications Development, Technical Support, Local Area Network Management, and Data Communications.

Although they focus on one area, most computer specialists need some level of competency in the other three areas as well. This is particularly true for parks and smaller offices that have only one information management position. In these locations, a computer specialist often needs to be a jack-of-all trades with competencies in all of the specialty areas.

The competencies for Computer Specialist have been broken into four files corresponding to the specialties listed above. Refer to those files for details on the competencies needed by computer specialists. You may need to mix and match competencies from two or more files to cover the specific duties of your position.

Specialty Title and WP5.1 Filename

Applications Developer (C-APPDEV.INF)
Data Communications Specialist (C-DATACM.INF)
Local Area Network Manager (C-LANMGR.INF)
Technical Support Specialist (C-TECSUP.INF)

National Park Service
Training and Development Division
Essential Competencies

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