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Essential Competencies


Description: These competencies identify the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities need to perform duties as an assistant to a position performing contract and/or procurement tasks. Work is performed under close supervision.

I. Processing

A. Preparation/issuance of solicitations for supplies and services
B. Preparation/issuance of small purchase documents and property management documents
C. Preparation of document for contracts
D. Data management by using a database or spreadsheet software
E. Drafts advertising copy and ordering publication
F. Bid receipt/prepares/types bid tabulation sheets
G. Transmittal of performance and payment bonds to contractors
H. Receipt and review of requisitions
I. Receipt of incoming shipments

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Basic knowledge of procurement forms and procedures to provide assistance to other procurement personnel

Skill in operating office automation equipment such as word processor, computer/computer terminal and related equipment

Knowledge of office automation software processing procedures and function keys to execute basic office automation functions

Basic knowledge of bid and proposal preparation portion of Federal Acquisition Regulation

Basic knowledge of terminology of procurement and the function of documents used

Basic knowledge of procurement laws and regulations, sources of supply and methods/procedures to purchase goods and services


Description: These competencies identify the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities needed to assist a Contract Specialist in a work unit. Work is performed with general review of work.

I. Processing

A. Ensuring all specifications, maps, drawings, and schedule of items are included
B. Preparation/submittal of required wage rate requests
C. Preparation of draft of bid solicitation
D. Opening of sealed bids
E. Prepares abstract of bids
F. Analyzes bids
G. Preparation of forms awarding contract
H. Assistance in administering contracts
I. Accuracy of contract estimates and invoices

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Knowledge of Federal Acquisition Regulation and NPS policies to accomplish overall assignments in advertised and negotiated contracts

Knowledge of bid schedules, payment clauses, and basic math to review and audit payments

Knowledge of contract documents and contract filing system to properly prepare and maintain solicitations and contract records


Description: These competencies identify the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities required to perform as a technical assistant to a Contract Specialist in a work unit. Limited review of work is required.

I. Processing

A. Preparation of full range of procurement solicitations
B. Assembly of documentation/preparation of draft of fixed price contracts
C. Public opening/assistance in opening of sealed contract bids
D. Initial determination of responsiveness of bidder
E. Monitoring progress of contracts
F. Audits/analyses/reviews estimates received for payment
G. Assisting bidders, contractors, and subcontractors
H. Close out of contract files

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Working knowledge of contracting and purchasing terminology

Authoritative knowledge of documentation requirements

Knowledge of procurement regulations, procedures, and policies

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Essential Competencies

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